6 Signs that you are ready for the driving test

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The DVSA latest stats show that the pass rate now for practical tests is 47.9%, so less than half are passing right now. That may cause you to feel slight apprehension as you read that but if you still feel overly positive check the below signs that are good signs you are ready to take the test. It can be a very stressful day but if you follow our tips on keeping calm and keep your confidence high then with all the best will, you could pass first time! Remember on the day you will need poof of your insurance, one day driving test insurance is available with GoShorty our partner if required.   

Sign Number 1 - Your instructor tells you are good to go

ready for driving test

The biggest hint you are ready is that your instructor tells you! They will have spent a good 45 hours or more teaching you, watching you grow in skills and confidence, and identifying your weaknesses to help you practice more on them. So, if they give you the green light, go book your test!

Sign Number 2 - Pass a Mock test performed by your instructor

You take a mock test with your instructor pretending to be the official examiner and you passed it! Again, another handy thing about having a qualified instructor, is that they can switch into practise mode or you and help you get familiar with the driving routes for your local test centre, familiarize you with the format of the test and assess how you handle the pressure.

Sign Number 3 - New Route No Problem

You drive an unfamiliar route superbly! Once you have mastered driving the practice routes and your local town or area, a way to test yourself is to get out of your known area and into an unknown area. It could be the next town to you, the point is to see that you can drive anywhere safely.

Sign Number 4 - Nerves Gone and Confidence Building

You are calm and confident in all situations. Confidence needs to be matched with calmness, some of the most confident drivers can also be the most reckless and this is because they are not matching it with their calmness level. Being calm and confident will mean you can keep in control of your emotions and the vehicle in unexpected situations. If you can keep that calm head under pressure, you likely are ready, as your practical test day can be one of the most stressful days of your life.

Sign Number 5 - Nerves Gone and Confidence Building

Can you identify road signs easily from memory? Yes, then this is another good sign. Being able to spot them and interpret their meanings is an important part of your drive. This needs to be an instant reaction as soon as you see a road sign straightway your brain can connect it to the meaning for it immediately whilst driving and act on them appropriately.

Sign Number 6 - All weather driver 

Can you drive in different weather conditions and control the car naturally? As typical as the saying is you cannot predict the British Weather. Even if you google every weather report for the day of your test, each day as the big day comes closer. So practising driving in different conditions is an important part of your practise in the lead up to the big day. Drive in heavy rain, wind, bright sunlight. Drive in the night, or on the edge of darkness on a late afternoon, on a country road in poorly lit conditions and if your instructor thinks you handled these roads just as naturally as you would in daylight with calm weather, then this can be another good sign you are ready!

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