With the growing popularity of campervan trips, more innovation has sparked with space planning. The ‘leisure vehicle’, fusing both comfort and practicality, has now over 250,000 registered owners in the UK.  From starting a nomadic lifestyle— to holiday planning— campervans require smart organising, which can be a pain. Not to worry! In this article, we offer ideas on how to utilise space to the highest capacity. If you are storing expensive items, make sure that they are included in your caravan insurance policy or temporary campervan insurance contents section.

1: Decluttering

Before adding something into your caravan, think: is it an essential? Do I like it? Will it enhance my stay at the caravan? If an object doesn’t meet these criteria, you’re most likely better off without it. Decluttering is an essential part of any organising / storage journey, as it limits both your workload and budget. By working out the logistics and the item-to-storage ratio, you can avoid overinvesting, and start planning realistically. Make your campervan more spacious!

  • Keep essentials such as your ID, passport(s) safe in an organised and ‘hidden’ area so it’s easier to gloss through what you have / miss. 

As with all insurance policies, limits and exclusions will apply, so do check these to understand these or to negotiate different limits in advance if taking out your home insurance policy.

2: Pack heavier items first

Heavier items can be a safety hazard if not stored and sealed properly in a moving vehicle. Place heavier items in the middle of your caravan to ‘even out’ the weight. To make sure items stay in place, consider keeping objects anchored by ropes, hooks, Velcro or suction caps. 

3: Vertical planning (hooks, hangers, shelves)

You can avoid feeling cramped in your vehicle by including your storage on walls. Your safety kit, cooking utensils— whatever— can be stored on hooks, hangers and shelves. These can either be manually drilled into your wall or applied with suction caps / Velcro / magnetic strips. Hangers can also be placed on door knobs, which is the easiest mode of application. 

4: Cupboard / fridge planning (containers, racks, baskets)

Eating is an essential part of (van) life. Whether you cook from scratch or buy microwavables, you can’t deny that it can sometimes take up incredible space. Invest in containers which help keep (dry) goods in a more compact manner. To save even more space, consider:

  • Adding racks into a cupboard / fridge’s section to store more items
  • Using tightly sealed, tall and thin containers for liquids
  • Invest in baskets to compartmentalise certain foods

5: Use awnings!

Awnings provide extra space for your campervan. Mounted on top of your roof, an awning helps provide a nice shade while you take in some fresh air. You can use them to store larger items such as a bicycle or for a larger sleeping space.

6: Roof storage

Maximise how much you can store through roof storages. These can be installed inside and outside of the vehicle. For a more private use, consider ceiling nets. To carry larger items, we recommend using outdoor racks on your campervan, which can hold objects such as bicycles or kayaks. Do note that racks are higher maintenance and require tougher application. 

7: Stacking items

This storage method is an ultimate space-saver. When stacking objects above each other, it creates storage units that are not only neat, but also spacious and organised.  Using items (such as cups and containers) that are collapsible would also help significantly. 

Final note, now that you have invested time and money into your family holiday wagon, make sure that your seasonal pitch insurance provides the correct level of cover for your caravan and includes contents insurance to protect your valuable gadgets and gizmos.   

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