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How to add a Named Driver for 1 week

The key takeaway is that you can add a named driver to your policy by (1) contacting your insurance provider and making what is termed as a mid term policy adjustment, or (2) you or the additional driver can take out a temporary insurance policy for a day or a week or for whatever term required. This temporary car insurance policy is separate to the main policyholder's insurance policy, which will have the main advantages of not impacting the No Claims Bonus of the car policyholder should an insurance claim be made.

Temporary additional driver insurance, is a form of short term insurance that will provide the required insurance to enable an additional driver to drive your car or van or indeed bike, motorhome or campervan. The traditional way to add a driver was to contact your car insurance provider and ask them to add another driver to your policy. The problem was that most likely your insurance company could only provide annual cover only and not temp additional driver insurance. This only left you with one option that would mean adding the driver on a permanent basis, which made it very expensive to simply add an extra driver on a short term basis.

Why temporary additional driver car insurance is so popular?

  • Much less hassle in adjusting existing cover, simply add new temporary additional driver insurance 
  • Get flexible short-term cover from 1 hour up to 28 days at a time
  • No impact on your No Claims Discount plus fully comprehensive cover as standard

Traditional way to add a named driver insurance?

Named driver insurance is an insurance policy in the name of the main driver that has additional named drivers included within the policy. These can be added when the policy is being setup or added as a midterm adjustment by contacting your insurance provider and requesting an additional named driver to be added.  

Can I add someone to my car insurance temporarily?

Yes, now it is easy to add someone to your car insurance temporarily. We have partnered with GoShorty who can provide additional driver insurance for a period of time that ranges from 1 hour, 7 days or 1 week to a maximum of 28 days   

Can you add someone to your car insurance for a week?

An additional driver can be added for one week, two weeks, 3 weeks up to a maximum of 4 weeks.

How much will it cost to add full time named driver to your policy?

This will depend on whether the driver is high or low risk, high risk will include young or new drivers, whilst drivers with good experience and no convictions will be considered lower risk.  

Driving other cars clause

If the other driver has a ‘driving other cars’ clause within their own insurance, they will be covered to drive, but the terms are normally stricter and cover can be limited to third party only. Please check with the provider and if is the case adding the driver as an additional driver with GoShorty may be the best option as all their policy will be fully comprehensive and an any claims made will not impact your existing policy.

Temporary additional driver insurance cost

The cost of temporary additional driver insurance will vary based on a number of determining factors. Key amongst these will the car to be insured and the driver's history and age. We have listed the key factors below in list format. 

  • Car Insurance category : The cost of temp additional driver will be cheaper if the car falls into a low insurance bracket. 
  • Temporary Additional Driver's Claims history : If the additional driver to be added has made previous motoring claims, expect to pay more than if the driver has a better driver's history. 
  • Additional Drivers Age : Young drivers pose a higher risk to insurance providers, as they are more likely to be involved in a road accident. In addition, these accidents tend to be more serious than older or more experienced drivers. As such, drivers under 25 and under 21 can be added, but will pay a slightly higher premium to cover additional risk.

Friend visiting for a week, you may want to let them drive your car so that they can travel around on their own

Are additional drivers fully comp?

All polices for temporary additional drivers issues by GoShorty are fully comprehensive.

Does an additional temporary driver have to live at the same address?

No requirements exist for the additional driver to live at the same address. This is more applicable to insuring multiple cars under a family car policy, these type of multicar insurance policies will often stipulate all vehicles reside at the same address.

How long does it take to get additional temporary driver insurance?

Does Tesco offer temporary car insurance?

At the moment, Tesco temporary car insurance is not available. They do offer standard car insurance for drivers aged 21 and over and Tesco box insurance for younger drivers and drivers that wish to take advantage of discounts on offer.

Can I add a driver to my car insurance for a month?

Whilst the most common term request is 1 week additional driver insurance, short-term additional driver cover is also available for 1. Hour, one day and 1 month or 28 days.

Can I get temporary insurance to drive someone else's car?

GoShorty our partner in NI and UK, provides temporary insurance to drive someone else's car on a short term basis from one hour to one week or 28 days.  

How Do I make a claim against a temporary car insurance NI policy

Any claim must be reported within 24 hours of the incident.  The contact information for the insurance provider will be found in the policy documents. Please note, all incidents must be reported even if you are not at fault. This is to protect you should the other party make a claim against you. 

What type of driver’s licenses do you accept?

The providers of short term insurance NI will only accept a full UK, NI or Isle of Man licence or EU/EEA licence for Car and Van Insurance and the UK provisional licence for Learner Driver Insurance.

Does your insurance cover towing?

The item being towed is covered only for any damage it may cause whilst it is attached to the vehicle. The cover does provide cover for the actual item, boat, trailer or caravan etc. If you have a boat, you should consider taking boat insurance to provide cover for damage when towing.

Is temporary additional driver insurance NI fully comp?

All polices for short term car insurance, van insurance and learner driver insurance are fully comprehensive

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