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Breakdown Cover Comparison Northern Ireland 

Breakdown cover NI will cover your expenses should your motor breakdown. Looking for motor breakdown cover in Northern Ireland? If the answer is yes, we can help by providing multiple quotes for breakdown insurance tailored to NI residents only. Breakdown cover is not limited to cars and can include motorhomes, vans, motorbikes classic cars NI

Insurance Quotes NI work with compare breakdown cover to provide multi quotes for vehicle breakdown recovery for any vehicle type including minibus and mini coaches that can carry from 8 to 30 passengers. The auto may be used for personal or commercial use, or indeed both. For instance, weekend family trips to the seaside weather permitting or a weekend away to Donegal. During the weekdays, you may be using the same minibus to deliver parcels or other goods to your clients.

Breakdown recovery Insurance

Taking out breakdown cover NI, whilst not mandatory. This is in contrast to car insurance NI, which is a legal requirement. However, think of the benefits. For example, what will happen if you break down on a country road, miles from the nearest garage? If you have breakdown cover NI, you can be rescued quickly and your car towed to safety.

Find comprehensive  Breakdown Cover NI for Northern Irish Customers

There are many brokers in Northern Ireland that provide breakdown cover for Northern Ireland. These providers offer breakdown and recovery services for minibuses, courier vehicles, disabled passenger vehicles and hire vehicles. The main features of the cover may include:

  • Roadside assistance and repair
  • Onward destination service
  • Cover for any driver with permission to drive the minibus
  • Limited callouts for minibuses
  • Cover before travel
  • UK and European cover
  • Roadside wheel changes
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Assistance at your home

Each provider will offer a basic roadside assistance option with an option of building that out to include additional options, for example home start assist or cover for hotel stay ( If required ) . Above are the general ones that all these providers can offer. NI Breakdown recovery companies terms and conditions do vary, however they should have the following in common, please do check each policy.

  • If the automobile can not be fixed at the roadside or by a local garage in a reasonable time frame, the vehicle will be moved to a destination in Northern Ireland of your choice.
  • Any trailer or caravan in tow will also be transported to that same location.
  • Transportation of passengers and goods to that same destination of your choice.

The AA, Rescue My Car, QDOS, NOVA-Direct and Green Flag are a few of the brokers that will provide you with a quote and these as you know all provide a recovery service  which means that  your vehicle will be recovered  transporting it on the back of a dedicated breakdown truck or towed to any NI destination of your choice. Restrictions can apply.

You should go through the minibus breakdown covers from different companies in the UK. Compare the policies to know which one will be right for your business. Some highlights of a good cover include:

  • Replacement cover for a new vehicle should be included as standard.
  • There should be discounts for no claim bonus, voluntary excess and additional security for the minibuses.
  • Wide range of coverage including, sports teams, scout groups, nursing homes and others.
  • Wide range of coverage including, sports teams, scout groups, nursing homes and others.
  • The policy should be underwritten by a panel of leading insurers.
  • You should also carry out a background check on the insurance service providers before choosing a policy from any of them. Find out how quikly they settle claims.

What is typically NOT included in Breakdown Cover NI

Be aware that breakdown assistance will not normally provide cover for the following. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Vehicle repaid costs, including parts and labour
  • Most insurance providers will have limits on the age of vehicle, please check this limitation. 
  • Breakdown as a result of an accident.
  • Breakdowns that occur hours after purchase.
  • Others exist, best to check what is inlcuded in the brekdown policy.

Compare Breakdown Cover NI

Finding the right vehicle breakdown cover in NI  is all about doing some research on the Internet. The cover you choose should come with features that are important for you. Apart from this, the premiums should be affordable.

You can search for insurance companies offering breakdown cover by typing keywords such as “breakdown cover insurance NI” on Google. After typing, make a list of the top brokerages you come across. From here, you want to compare the covers of the company. Check the premiums of the companies, facilitation fees and terms.

Narrow down your list of potential companies that you can work with based on the features that are important for you. Also, do a background check on the companies and eliminate any that seem to have a poor reputation. Contact those that match your bill and find out which one can offer the best deal.

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