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Need Belfast car Insurance? Start by getting multiple quotes for your auto cover from a panel of NI brokers that deal excusively in Northern Ireland insurance market.  By selecting quick quote you will be moved the CompareNI web site where you can complete one simple form.  Your requirements will then be shared with a panel of underwriters resulting in you receiving a comparative quote. The quote will be presented in an easy to read and compare format enable quick comparison of current deals on the market place.

As a resident of Belfast there’s a better than average chance that you pay more for car insurance than those who live in the other parts of the UK. The Consumer Council for Northern Ireland in August of 2011, started an investigation into motor insurance prices after they rose more than 73% in a period of just over two years. Prior to that, the findings of The Office for Fair Trading (OFT) showed that the average Northern Ireland car insurance quotes tended to be an average of 11% higher than that of the rest of the UK.

What is it that is driving prices up?

Northern Ireland car insurance premiums have been rising for pretty much the same reasons as the rest of the UK. Things such as the increase in the number of uninsured motor drivers on the roads, and also the increase in personal injury claims are to blame.

Next would be the fact that expensive car insurance is not keeping some motorists from getting behind that wheel. When any such driver is involved in an accident, any claims that are paid out have to come out of a fund/ pot that’s paid into by all.

As the number of law-abiding motor drivers goes down, so too does the amount which is paid into the central pot. All-the-while, the actual number of drivers and accidents remains pretty much the same.

Belfast has a relatively young population, which ultimately means it that it has a greater number of higher risk drivers. Inexperienced and younger drivers are statistically proven to be involved in more accidents and therefore, make more car insurance claims.

Compare Car Insurance Belfast

Protect your car today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.

A Few Other Reasons

Belfast has a high proportion of single carriageway roads, which makes for greater traffic on rural roads, along with greater distances traveled per driver. These will inevitably increase the risk of accidents and motorcar insurance claims.

It has also been suggested that due to the differences in the legal systems in Northern Ireland compared to other parts of the UK, and the fact that compensation pay-outs tend to be higher, insurance providers need to weight their prices to cover any potential cost of compensation pay-outs.

Cutting the Cost of Belfast Car Insurance

Just because you reside in Northern Ireland doesn’t mean you can’t get a fair price for Belfast Car Insurance. As is the case in the rest of the UK, there are several things that you can do to help keep the cost of cover down.

Compare Quotes Market researches has found that 51% of individuals that opt-out of the auto-renew feature offered by their insurance companies where able to realizes a savings on their premium policies in 2016.

Increase You Excess Most all insurance companies will reduce premium costs on Belfast Car Insurance if you increase your excess. Take care to understand if this is financially a sound idea for you.

Add an Experience driver to Belfast Car Insurance policy Often times, by adding an older, more experience driver to your car insurance policy as a named driver, it can help to bring premium costs down. If you are indeed the main driver, never lie about the named older driver being the main driver just to obtain a cheaper quote. This is called ‘fronting’, and it is illegal. If caught, you risk fines, court appearances, and quite possibly, you will struggle to get car insurance in the future.

Compare Car Insurance Belfast

Protect your car today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.

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