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Classic Car Insurance NI Northern Ireland

When you need to find vintage car insurance quotes online, then it normally pays to compare the market. By using Compare NI's search portal, your classic auto insurance requirements will sent exclusively to over 20 top brokers based in Northern Ireland.  Select the Get Quote button and complete a simple online insurance form and instantly your requirement details will be shared with these brokers that specialise in old automobile cover. After you complete the online quote form, check your inbox for a range of insurance quotes from NI brokers.

Classic car premium annually should work cheaper than selecting monthly payments.  If you are only thinking of investing in a classic car, this site will fuel your imagination with the many available retro options. Your premium should be reduced by ensuring that you take preventative measure such as adding an immobiliser and a tracking device approved by NI insurance industry.  Providing secure parking especially overnight should also result in lower premiums, the same should apply for ordinary NI car insurance.

Classic Car insurance for Young Drivers

Many of us follow in our father footsteps, especially in the love of classic cars. Buying a classic car when young is a growing trend in Norther Ireland. For those that are hooked to the classics, it can be difficult getting insured. The good news is that Footman James back in 2013 introduced a young driver classic car insurance policy. Aimed at the younger classic car enthusiastic, but qualifying criteria will apply.

Pay As you Go Insurance Classic Car insurance

This type of policy is based on usage and if you only drive occasionally which is normally true with classic cars then this should be considered as an option another variant is placing a cap on your annual mileage. For example, Towergate classic car insurance offer polices with mileage agreements that range between 1,000 and 10,000 miles. Lancaster classic car insurance can also offers some attractive tailored polices for cars and motorbikes, including classic Japanese imports.

What is an agreed value classic car insurance cover?

Insuring a classic car is different to insuring your daily driver, you may have spent a fortune getting your classic restored, or it could easily be spiralling upwards in prices as it gets more desirable. This is why it is important to seek out a classic car insurance policy with an agreed value policy. This will guarantee a pre-determined amount for your classic car in case of a total loss. 

The procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1 :  Agree on a value for your classic car. This is usually done through a professional appraisal that considers factors like the car's make, model, year, condition, rarity, and modifications.
  • Step 2 : Agree duration, this fixed value for a duration, it could be 1 year or 5 years. So if at ant time your classic car is stolen, destroyed, or deemed irreparable after an accident the insurance company will pay out the agreed amount, no quibble. 
  • Step 3 : Agree on the insurance premium, this may be reduced depending on the steps that you can take to reduce the overall risk of your classic car being stolen, destroyed by fire or damaged.

Things to consider

  • It can be difficult to find an insurance company that offers this type of cover
  • Understand fully any policy stipulations, for example, many will insist that the car is kept in pristine condition in order to continue receiving the agreed value coverage. 
  • Appraisals : The insurance company may request regular appraisals to keep the agreed value accurate

If you are lucky enough to own a classic car you will want to ensure it's fully protected, an agreed value insurance policy might be the right choice for you. By understanding the benefits and considerations, you can make an informed decision about the best insurance option for your beloved vehicle.

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We are an independent comparison website dedicated to residents of Northern Ireland, which means we offer a true, unbiased service. Still in doubt? Take a few minutes to complete the online insurance form and wait for multiple quotes to cover your cherished classic mobile. Cover levels range from third party to fully comprehensive, as with other autos factors that should reduce premium costs include fitting of approved security gadgets, secure parking and annual mileage or time on the road each year.

Classic car insurance NI Northern Ireland

What makes a Vehicle Vintage

This should be a fairly simple question, but different Automobile Clubs have differing views. The America Auto Club founded in 1935 define classic automobiles as “fine” or “unusual” vehicles, foreign or domestic, that are between 25 and 50 years old.  They go further to state that autos that are 50 years or older can be declared an “antique”. Clubs like to distinguish vehicles based on age, and the above definition generally applies to the UK markets.  So your car can be classed as either classic, antique and vintage depending upon its age. Age is secondary to other factors such as condition and rarity to name only a few important qualifying factors.  Some people look to buying a vintage car as an investment that will pay dividends down the road, so to speak. Check out the top 10 affordable future classics before making that decision to invest. 

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