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Compare Young Driver Insurance Policies NI in Minutes

Young Driver Car Insurance NI - Compare Costs Online in Minutes

young driver car insurance ni

In Northern Ireland as elsewhere young drivers can find it difficult to find NI car insurance having just passed their test at age 17. Because of this many teenagers are added to their parents policy until they are older. Before taking that step use the young driver insurance quote system to get multiple underage car insurance quotes in minutes. Sift through the 40 plus individualised quotes from a panel of specialist insurance brokers and you may find a policy that works out to your advantage. Competitive insurance rates do exists and by comparing multiple insurance brokers will help in finding them.

Start Earning No Claims Bonus after passing your Driving Test 

If you take out your own young driver policy after passing your NI driving test rather than being added to your parents and provided you do not make any claims you can start building up  a history of no claims which will lead to cheaper quotes at renewal time and onwards.

Young driver car insurance NI or anywhere can be a costly item to pay for. In the Northern Ireland the average premiums that you pay annually for such cove if you’re under 25 years can be in excess of GBP1,000. Therefore it pays to shop around and compare multiple brokers and their underlying policy terms to find a deal that is affordable whilst providing adequate cover. Remember that the minimum of third party  cover is mandatory if you intend to own and drive your car on any road regardless of your age.

Know the true cost of third party cover

The cover options for drivers under 21 are the same regardless of age. The base package and the legal minimum is third party. Next up the level is third party fire and theft which as the name suggests  covers both third parties and damage caused by fire or theft,.

Add another responsible driver

Logically, any extra driver that you add to your young driver car insurance policy  should make the cover costlier for you. Nonetheless, this isn’t always the case. Your premiums may reduce by a significant amount if you add somebody more responsible and much older than you to the policy. If the additional driver has an accident-free history, the insurance company considers him less of a risk. Try it and see your premiums reduce.

Minimise risk always

The premiums that you pay depend on how much of a risk you are to the brokerage company. It’s worth stating that the premiums you pay depend also on your chosen policy provider as well as the level of cover. Actuaries calculate risk and use the figures to come up with premiums based on risk. If you can prove to the insurer that you’re different from the traditional high-risk under-25 driver, your chances of paying less in premiums should increase.

Finally, avoid modifying your car especially to make it go faster. The only changes that you should consider are ones that will bring down the costs of the annual or monthly premium on your young driver car insurance policy. Start with adding additional security and safety features suck as tracking devices or imobbilerse. Before do check that they are approved by the norther Irish insurance industry. 

Black Box

Adding a telemetry device that as the name suggest records your driving characteristics may provide future discounts if the result show that your driving behaviour should make you a lower risk of being involved in an accident compared to other drivers under 21.

Tips to Reduce Car Insurance NI
Your insurance premium is no doubt determined by many factors. Insurance companies will mostly base the price on what puts you at risk of making a claim. Examples of this would be your driving experience, how many miles you drive annually, and whether or not you have had any past accidents.

Compare Young Driver Insurance Policies NI in Minutes

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