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Motorbike Insurance NI Northern Ireland

When you need to find cover for your motorbike, it pays to compare the market. By using Insurance Quotes NI, your motorbike insurance NI requirements will be shared with the top NI insurance brokers. Select the Get Quote button and complete a simple online form. After completion, you will be presented with quotes from top brokers. Take your time and inspect all the available options. If you are still researching the marketplace, just bookmark any quote you like and then come back later to complete the purchase. 

motorcycle insurance ni

Choosing the right level of motorbike insurance Northern Ireland

Motorbike insurance Northern Ireland like Motorhome insurance NI is available at three levels, the levels of cover available are as follows:

Third Party Only Cover

Cover for the biker is limited to cover for damage to the other vehicle or property if involved in an accident.  Cover is normally not available to cover damage to your own bike or property.

Third Party Only Withe Fire & Theft

Cover is extended from third party to cover damage to the Bikers own bike only if stolen or damaged by fire, still no cover for your bike if involved in an accident that was your fault.

Comprehensive Cover

This is the top level and provides cover to you, your bike and your property. This is in addition to third party fire and theft cover. Exclusions will always apply, but in normal circumstances if your motorbike is written off in an accident, and you were deemed to be at fault you would receive a payout from the insurance provider to cover your liability to the third party and also your own costs.

Can I reduce the costs of Motorbike Insurance NI

The cost of motorcycle insurance is based on many factors including age and gender and the make (moped or scooter) plus a variety of other factors. It is normal for younger riders to have higher premiums, simply because statistics show this category is more likely to be involved in an accident. Although you may be a very safe driver because you are under 25 you will be deemed more likely to be involved in road accidents and as a result pay a higher premium. A good history of no claims will also help lower the cost of bike insurance. Taking an advance bikers test will be an extra bonus with some specialist brokers. Like an automobile, safe parking and on board security are also key factors in helping to reduce costs.

Choosing to pay your motorcycle insurance NI policy annually will normally work out cheaper than selecting monthly payments. Your premium should be reduced by ensuring that you take preventative measure such as adding an immobilizer and a tracking device which are approved by the insurance industry. Providing secure parking, especially overnight, should also result in a lower bike insurance NI premiums.

Levels of Cover Motorbike Insurance Northern Ireland Available

Like car insurance NI motorbike insurance NI is available as third party only, third party with fire and theft and lastly fully comprehensive cover. 

How to Compare and Save

Simply enter some information relating to the motorcycle to be insured and the purpose of the cover. Get started by clicking Get Quotes below on form completion, you will be presented with lots of different prices and policies from a panel of brokers that deal exclusively in providing motorcycle insurance to NI residents.

We are an independent comparison website dedicated to residents of Northern Ireland, which means we offer a true, unbiased service. Still in doubt? Take a few minutes to complete the online insurance form and wait for multiple quotes to cover your motorised 2 wheeler.  Insurance quotes are also available for owners of scooters and mopeds under this same product category. The brokers can all provide varying levels of cover, ranging from Third Party only moped insurance to Fully Comprehensive.

Everyone who owns a motorbike should have motorbike insurance

Taking out the correct level of cover is of the utmost import for scooter, moped and bike owners alike. The Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations (CIE) means that every motorbike owner needs to have their mode of 2 wheels of transport insured at all times. The one exception to this rule is if the bike has used a Statutory Off-Road Notice( SORN). Every owner of a motorised 2 wheeler should be aware that it is against the law not to have adequate cover. This also applies if the scooter you own is never used apart from when a SORN is in place. The rules for Northern Ireland very from UK and Scotland and are explained fully if this official governmental websites

The importance of making comparisons online

Comparison sites enable you to quickly compare a range of specialist companies that provide bike insurance in Northern Ireland, including the well-known brands in the NI marketplace. Some brands like Tesco motorbike insurance do not appear on comparison sites, so you will need to go direct to the Tesco website.

The advice on how to lower your insurance premium should help you in your quest to find the cheapest and most competitive quote. But remember cheap does not necessarily equate to best always when comparing make sure you are comparing like for like

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*51% of consumers who received a quote for Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd. in February 2024 were quoted less than £238.63. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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