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Oct 2023

When you need to compare caravan insurance quotes for your family touring caravan or static caravan, start by using comparative websites to get a range of quotes from multiple brokers. We have partnered with Quotezone that have a panel of NI and UK brokers that can provide you with a range of quotes and options for your caravan insurance. When you select GET QUOTES you will be moved to the Quotezone website where you may enter the details of your static caravan they will be shared with a panel of Northern Ireland's leading insurer brokers who in turn will send you their best quote direct to your inbox, complete one form and receive multiple quotes, it is that simple. 

The insurance cover for static caravans is similar to your NI holiday home insurance, as they both share similar risks. For example, both are left empty for prolonged periods of time, unless you let out your holiday home or static caravan out to other holidaymakers for reward. If this is the case, please infirm your broker of your intentions.

Caravan Insurance NI Flexible Payment Methods

You may choose to pay for your caravan insurance Northern Ireland premium on an annual basis or monthly, the latter will normally be more expensive to cover the additional administrative work. Whilst annual cover is the cheapest, if you are working to a budget, monthly payment may be the best option. Northern Ireland presently has 100 plus motorhome parks to choose from, so the local NI government has kindly provided a buyer's guide for caravans available here.

Is Caravan Insurance New for Old Available? 

Caravan insurance is normally based on current market value, but new for old caravan insurance is also offered by some insurance providers on the panel. Whilst new for old provides a better deal in terms of insurance, it will be more expensive. In addition, this type of cover is normally only available for campervans or caravans under 5 years old and in the premium price bracket. If you are taking out a market value policy, be sure to review the market value come renewal time and adjust accordingly.  

How can I lower my static caravan insurance premium?

  • Security is the key to reducing your caravan insurance premium. During winter, is it locked up securely? If not, can you provide secure all year round parking. Please note, some brokers will not provide cover unless you are able to provide secure parking.
  • Valuables : You policy will have limitations, for example on the amount you can claim against valuables. You can discuss these with your brokers. Agreeing to lowering these should help in reducing your premium as you are less risk to underwriter.
  • Don’t over insure : Whilst it is vital not to under insure, it is also important not to over insure. For example if breakdown cover included and is it really needed? 
  • Increase Excess : All policies will come with an excess, by volunteering to increase the excess the insurance company will reduce the insurance premium, but make sure you are happy to pay this out of your own pocket in the event of a claim.
  • Cover up: If you are unable to store your van in a garage to keep it out of sight, use a cover, so it will not catch the eye of would be thieves.  

Does my home insurance cover my caravan?

Standard NI home insurance will not cover your caravan, even if it is stored on your property. The home policy may provide some cover for contents, but you will need to speak with your insurance provider. Some insurance companies will let you add it to your house insurance, but these often times work out more expensive than taking out a dedicated caravan insurance policy from an insurance lifestyle specialist.  

Does Static caravan insurance include flood cover?

This will depend on where your static caravan is sited. If it is an area that is prone top flooding, the insure provider will likely not provide protection for flood cover. An option may be provided to add flood cover, but this will significantly increase the costs of insuring the caravan. It is also possible the insurance provider may insist on the installation of a floatation device. 

Compare Premiums for Static Holiday Caravans with NI Specialist Brokers.

Please note that your caravan insurance premiums are calculated on a risk basis. If you can reduce the risk by, for example, adding a tracking device or providing secure parking, you should see the benefits in the form of a reduced insurance cost. How does it work ? Simply select the Get Quote button, and you will be redirected to Quotezone where you may choose to enter details of your holiday caravan details, sit back and wait for online quotes to arrive into your mail inbox.

Insurance Quotes NI are an independent comparison website dedicated to residents of Northern Ireland which means we do not provide any advice on which policy is best for you, when you select the Quick Quote you will be redirected to Quotezone. Start comparing leading caravan insurers that include names such as Tesco and NIG

Campervan static

Do you need an MOT for a touring caravan?

Touring caravans do not need an MOT. However, it is the owner's responsibility to keep the touring caravan roadworthy and service the electrics, running and brake gear on a regular basis. Some insurance polices may state that touring caravans must be maintained and kept in a roadworthy condition to minimise any claims.

Compare Static Caravan Insurance with  Specialist Brokers.

How does this work to my advantage? Rather than you contacting individual brokers that specialise in caravan cover that include Staveley Head who have 25 years plus experience in offering levels of cover ranging from third party to fully comprehensive for static and touring vans they also offer European cover for up to 90 days per annum, an important factor for many Northern Irish customers. Many other big names will provide you with a quote, including E & L with 70 years of proven service to this niche sector, not forgetting Cover4Caravans. Why wait to apply for a quote online today and spend fewer hours finding and approaching different brokers that will just provide one quote, fill in one easy form, sit back and wait for some of the cheapest and best quotes to arrive into your inbox.

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