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After traders insurance NI?  It normally pays to get multiple trade insurance quotes from Northern Irish brokers that deal in this insurance sector.  By selecting quick quote you will be moved from insurance quotes NI to the CompareNI web site where by completing one online form you will receive multiple quotes for NI trader insurance.  The resulting quotes will be presented in a format to enable quick comparison.

Even though motor trade insurance is not the same as general car insurance NI, we still want to have effective and proper cover for a competitive price. Whether you repair or sell vehicles, valet them, or you work in another area of the motor trade industry, it is critical to cover yourself along with your business against unforeseen risks. A traders insurance NI policy here in Northern Ireland can include public liability, road risk, premises, and asset cover. There is even a combined policy which can cover all of these. Motor trade policies typically are custom tailored to a business’s specific needs and requirements

Motor Trade insurance – or traders insurance NI as it is often called means that a business and its staff will be covered when driving or working on a customer’s vehicle or any that the company owns.

One of the most important aspects of this kind of policy is its extreme flexibility. An example of this would be if you’re running a garage, this type of policy will provide cover for any member of staff – even new recruits – when they drive any company or customer’s vehicle.

In addition, the policy can protect that business against accidental damages or other problems that may result from mechanics working on a vehicle.

Who is it in Northern Ireland that needs Traders insurance?

traders Insurance NI

In addition to the business types mentioned above, you will need motor trade insurance if you operate a car-valeting company, a scrap yard, a vehicle-restoration business or a company that does repossessions. For the most part, if your or your customer’s vehicles are under the ‘care, custody and control’ of your staff, you will need this type of cover in some form.

Important to keep in mind; the requirement to have motor trade insurance doesn’t only apply to limited companies. If you are self-employed yet still have the responsibility for other people’s vehicles, it’s important to have the right policy in place.

There are indeed times when a customer’s own policy may cover other drivers, albeit just third-party rather than on a comprehensive basis. This has been a feature that was common of motor insurance in the past, but nowadays this is much less likely to be the case. Because of this fact, it is crucial that businesses in the motor trade have their own form of cover in place at all times.

Here are some of the most common aspects that can be covered by Traders insurance Northern Ireland.

Road Risk:  If in the course of business you take vehicles onto the public highways of Northern Ireland then you will need to have traders insurance NI. Examples of this would be if you or your staff are delivering cars to buyers. Or maybe you run a mechanics business and you have the need to take cars out to test drive to check faults. As is the case with normal motor insurance, you can opt for road risk cover which third-party only, third-party, fire and theft, or full comprehensive. Other options to consider comparing trade insurance NI include:

Employers Liability This will protect you and your business against claims from your staff. This is important to have whether they’re actually driving vehicles or not.

Public Liability This will protect you and your workers against claims that might be made by customers or members of the public.

Product Liability This will offer your business protection should you fit a new part to a customer’s vehicle, and then the part then turns out to be defective.

Compare Trader Insurance NI

Protect your business today. Quick quotes from over 20 insurers.

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