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Guide To Van Insurance Northern Ireland

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Oct 2023

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One step in finding the best deal on van Insurance NI is comparing the available options. This is true when first taking out an insurance policy, but also when renewal times comes around. 

Please note, annual cover should work out cheaper than paying monthly. If you are a small or large business based in Northern Ireland, our partner Quotezone can help you compare available deals with specialist NI insurance brokers. Comparison quotes are available for a single work van or multiple vans under a van fleet NI insurance policy.  

The quotezone panel will provide quotes for Northern Ireland's commercial vehicle owners, regardless of your working van usage be it for a builder, a plumber, local florist or mobile hairdresser, we help you compare policy quotations from multiple brokers. Like auto insurance, the policy costs should be reduced by fitting security devices and proving safe overnight parking. provide a service dedicated to residents of Northern Ireland only.

Eamonn Turley Founder of insurance quotes NI

" If you are able to provide a secure parking overnight example in your driveway or garage inform your insurance broker as this will reduce risk of damage and theft and should reduce your van insurance premium.

The panel of van insurance providers can help with the following:

  • Nissan Van Insurance
  • Tipper Van Insurance
  • Modified Van Insurance
  • Electric Van Insurance
  • Over 50's Van Insurance

Commercial NI Van Insurance Categories

Category N1

Vehicles used and designed for the carriage of goods with a maximum mass of 3,5 tonnes.

Category N2

Vehicles used and designed for the carriage of goods with a mass exceeding ranging from 3,5 tonnes to 12 tonnes.

Category N3

Vehicles used and designed for the carriage of goods with a maximum mass over 12 tonnes.

cheap van insurance NI

Levels of Van Insurance available

Third Party Only

The most basic cover is third party only. This is the legal minimum required by the law.  It was traditionally the cheapest, but insurance companies are finding a higher number of claims in this category and prices have increased. Always compare third party with third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive cover.  This basic cover will not cover the repair or replacement of your own vehicle following fire, theft or accident.

Third Party with Fire & Theft

In addition to providing insurance to cover the costs of the third party, it will also provide financial protection if your vehicle is damaged by fire or for the cost of replacement if it’s stolen and not recovered.


Comprehensive cover Third party Fire and Theft cover plus cover for any damage to your own van in the event of an accident, even if you were at fault. Fully comprehensive policies may also provide minimum third party coverage to a trailer or caravan being towed. Please check with your insurance provider and if you are towing an expensive horsebox or touring caravan consider taking out a separate policy for peace of mind.

Types of NI Van Insurance available

  • Any driver gives your business the flexibility to replace drivers without having to notify your broker. However, this greater freedom will increase your annual premium. If your business would benefit, the benefits should outweigh the increased
  • Under 25 van insurance for young drivers. As the driver or drivers are under 25 as opposed to over 25 the premiums will be higher than if over 25. If this is a requirement you could look at other ways of reducing van insurance, for example the installation of a black box.
  • Named driver NI van insurance policy: This will normally work out the cheapest and is perfect for a sole trader.

How can I reduce the Cost of Van Insurance NI?

  • Reduce Risk of Theft : Make your van secure. How? Add insurance approved devices that help reduce the risk of your work van being stolen and GPS tracking device to help recover if it does get stolen.
  • Named Driver Policy : Do you need any driver van insurance Northern Ireland? If not, then request named drivers only, as this will normally reduce the premium.
  • Driving Claims History :  If you are the owner driver, take measures to build up a good history of no claims and ensure your licence is not endorsed for driving offences.
  • Black Box : Some do not like having a monitoring device, but if you are a safe driver it should help keep your insurance costs down

Van Insurance NI Extras

Your work, or your personal requirements may require adding some additional extras to your basic policy. Most brokers will offer these as additional add-ons. The most common ones we have listed below.

Please note some for some it may be more cost-effective to get covered by a specialist insurance provider, take breakdown cover for example. You can add in breakdown cover NI or get quotes from the specialist providers, for example Green Cross, QDOS, AA and the RAC. The specialist may be a cheaper option. The same can apply for wind shield cover. 

  • Van breakdown cover : Also called roadside assist
  • Excess Cover : The excess is the amount that you are liable for if in an accident. It is possible to take out insurance for this. However, it is also possible to increase this amount and possibly reducing your annual premium. Speak with your broker on how increasing the excess could result in a lower quote.
  • Uninsured motorist protection : Some insurance providers will include this as part of their standard policy. This will provide you with protection should you be involved in an accident with a motorist that does not have valid insurance. Driving without insurance is an increasing problem in Northern Ireland and the UK.   

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*51% of consumers could save £491.91 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from January 2023. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

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