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Business Insurance NI

Business insurance is a  range of products that are all aimed at protecting a business against claims. This is in contrast to individual insurance which protects the person, an example car insurance NI would not be termed business insurance.  This type of cover can also be refereed to as commercial insurance. 

The most common include cover for commercial property, legal liability against claims made against a business, public liability and employee related insurance. Most NI business will opt for a combined policy that includes some key insurance products. A typical combined business policy may include public liability insurance NI, employer's liability insurance, professional indemnity and office plus contents insurance.  It should be noted that if you employ staff even part time you must legally have employer's  liability insurance.

Why bother with business insurance NI?

Business insurance NI will protect your business gainst unforeseen risk that can happen in any company, For example it can protect against property damage, accidents in workplace, theft and legal fees.  If you are a sole trader, the most common cover requested is public liability insurance, this is cover to protect your business or trade against claims made by the public against you.  A successful claim against you or your business can be crippling, as such the cover for many is seen as a necessary cost in continued operation of their business. Public lability can be purchased at different levels, see table below for typical tiers. 

Public liabilityLevels of Cover Available
Public liability insurance£1,000,000
Public liability insurance£2,000,000
Public liability insurance£5,000,000
Public liability insurance£10,000,000

Types of Liability NI Cover Available Include:

Main Types of LiabilityDescription
Public LiabilityProtection from claims made by a third party (employees, clients, customers, shareholders, investors, or members of the public)
Product Liability
Employers’ liabilityIf you have employees, you are required by law to have this cover – covers the cost of compensating employees who are injured at or become ill through work
Professional indemnity.
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