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What is Car Finance NI

Car Finance NI is a loan provided to enable the purchase of a car, rather than taking a repayment option from the dealership. This type of finance is also available for the Purchase of other items including campervans, motorbikes vans and lorries. 

Car Finance NI

Most people need access to finance or  a loan in order to purchase their first car in Northern Ireland. Local deals will offer finance packages, as will finance companies. With so may options it is in your interest to find the best deal available, a small saving on an interest rate can result in a large financial saving 

Most of these finance companies will say they offer the best deal, but you need to compare the marketplace to see what is in fact the best deal for your given circumstances. This is especially true if you have a history of bad credit. 

Types of Car Finance

Car finance can be viewed as 4 different approaches to financing your car.

  • Hire purchase:
  • Personal Contract:
  • Personal leasing
  • Personal loan

How does car finance NI work?

The process is fast and efficient and comprises three stages. Stage 1 is making an online application.

  • Stage 1 Make application online
  • Stage 2  : An agent will search our panel of NI lenders to find a deal that suits you.
  • Stage 3 : Select your car or van and drive away

Car Finance NI Possible Advantages

We have listed some possible benefits of securing a finance loan from a finance car loan specialist as opposed to dealing direct with a car dealership.

  • A down payment or deposit  is not always a requirement. 
  • Will accept all credit profiles good and bad, good should get preferential treatment
  • Free valuation report and HPI check 
  • The application and process can be completed quickly and descions are almost immediate.

Car Finance NI Eligibility

Eligibility checks will vary from one finance company to the next, but in general they impose a minimum age of 21 and minimum salary of £1,000 per month. Some will impose a price band, a typical example being the car must be in the price range of £2,000 and £50,000.  A good provider of finance will carry  out a thorough due diligence check on both the car and the dealer. This is to ensure you are buying a good car from a reputable dealer

Car Finance NOT limited to Cars

Whilst car are the most common request for finance, in Northern Ireland a demand for finance also exists for caravans, motorhomes, boats and motorbikes

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