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Caravan Insurance For Seasonal Pitch

This is the most common type of insurance for static caravans, however an increasing number are deciding to keep their touring caravans permanently on site. If you have touring caravan insurance in place and are thinking of keeping your caravan permanently, your insurance requirements may alter, and you should consult with your insurance provider.  The demand for caravan seasonal pitch insurance has taken off since lockdown, and more holidaymakers are choosing staycations in the UK and NI.   

seasonal pitch insurance

It is not uncommon to change from touring caravan insurance to a seasonal or fixed pitch caravan insurance policy. In the beginning you wish to explore all the nearby and far away locations, but after a while you find one that ticks all the boxes and decide to permanently locate your caravan at that location.

A season pitch is also a practical solution for caravanners that do not have the space to store a caravan at their house or wish to forgo the hassle of hitching up and driving to the exact same location multiple timers per year. This will let you visit your favourite getaway location on a last minute whim. 

Permanently sited touring and static caravans

The risk can be less for caravans that are on a permanent site, as they will no longer require road risk insurance. However, they do face other risk that include fire, theft, flooding and storm damage.

Can you leave a touring caravan on a site all year round?

Yes, many sites now provide all year round pitches for both touring caravans and static caravans. Summer seasonal pitches are also available, but most opt for the annual pitch for the pure convenience that it provides. 

Some benefits of a seasonal pitch for your caravan

  • Less Towing and Hassle : Most caravan owners like to explore different locations, but in the end most settle on their favourite destination or site. This means that for most unless it is permanent you will only have to tow and pitch your caravan at the beginning and end of the season 
  • Instant Holiday Experience : No need to set up when you arrive at your pitch. You can keep all the caravaning essentials on site, so need to pack all your caravan accessories every time you feel the urge for a weekend break, as they will be ready and waiting for you at your pitch. Check that your caravan insurance policy will include contents cover.
  • Additional Security  : Choose a camper van site that has a good level of security so that you have extra assurance your caravan contents will remain safe when left unoccupied.

What insurance do you need for a permanently sited caravan?

Like house insurance, it is not a legal requirement to have caravan insurance. Having said that, most sites will insist that you have at leat third party public liability insurance.  Public liability is designed to protect you against claims made by other or third parties against your pitch. A good example is not applying the handbrake correctly and your caravan slides into a neighbouring pitch, causing damage or injury.     

Campsites with Seasonal Pitches in Northern Ireland

  • Causeway Coast Holiday Park Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
  • Down to Earth Camping, Co. Antrim

What is covered by Caravan Seasonal Pitch Insurance?

The cover on offer should be similar in terms of what is covered. Expect a season pitch insurance policy to include cover for your caravan and contents for damage. The damage should include accidental damage, malicious or damage by vandalism and damage by fire, theft and storms and should include flooding.  

When comparing policies, pay particular attention to the following 

  • The excess amount, how much you will be liable for in the event of a claim.
  • Doe the policy cover awnings and outdoor furniture or fixtures 
  • Has the insurance company a good reputation and easy to contact , please check forums
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