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CETA Insurance is a distributor of personal and commercial insurance products with a strong presence in the leisure lifestyle insurance marketplace.

CETA provides an insurance platform for insurance providers.  In addition, they offer caravan and motorhome insurance direct to the public through their online branded website

CETA started its life back in1993 when it acted as an agent for insured that need property insurance soluions

Similar to Emporium Caravan insurance, CETA insurance boasts a strong panel of over 20 insurance caravan and motorhome insurance providers that specialise in motorhome and caravan insurance. They boast that they have the largest panel of caravan and motorhome insurance providers. Some of these include IGI, Towergate Bakers and Ageas. Their online booking system lists all the available options. Allowing you to choose the most competitive quote. 

CETA Caravan offers insurance for all caravan and motorhome types, including German motorhomes. They provide comprehensive cover as well as  third party policies. They have a large selection of options in a variety of insurance types, this enables customers to build their own policy using a mix and match approach.

CETA is one of a growing number of specialist caravan insurance providers. Examples of others in this sector include NACO caravan insurance that have been operating since 1948 and LV motorhome insurance who offer new for old cover, under qualifying conditions. s.

Company Sentiment "We want to ensure that insurance never stops getting easier, simpler, faster and importantly, more inclusive."

This article will provide an overview of the CETA motorhome and caravan insurance product and highlight the key elements and options that are available. 

Touring Caravan Insurance by CETA

The cost of caravan insurance can be reduced by reducing the likelihood of theft or vandalism and being a member of certain caravan associations and clubs  

  • Membership of the Caravan Club  
  • CaSSOA customers
  • Installation of approved electronic anti-snaking device
  • Approved Alarms and Security apparatus (wheel locks as an example)

As mentioned you have flexibility in creating your caravan insurance policy with CETA, below are some of the key elements that you can choose to add, and for some you can also choose the level of cover

  • Loss, Theft Or Accidental Damage :  Cover if stolen or accidentally damaged by, but not limited to, fire, flood, storm, or vandalism.
  • New For Old : Conditions for acceptance may apply.
  • Public Liability :  Cover for claims by the public for injury or property loss 
  • Family Member Cover : This provides additional cover up to 3 family members or relatives that are using the caravan for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only
  • Alternative Accommodation :  the cost for suitable equivalent alternative accommodation whilst your caravan is being restored or replaced. This is included as standard on Static policies; Prime and Elite, and for Touring; Voyage and Quest. 

New for old Caravan Insurance

This is only provided by a few providers of motorhome insurance. To qualify for new for old caravan insurance, the caravan needs to be fairly new, normally under 5 years and as it provides new for old cover it will be more expensive than standard caravan insurance.

Where should I store my touring caravan?

Where your touring caravan or static caravan is stored is a very important factor when it comes to applying for insurance. Some providers will not even quote you for insurance if the caravan is not stored in a sufficiently secure location, below we look at some of these in more detail.

  • Driveway at home:  If you have space in your driveway or better still a secure outbuilding this would be the best place to store your touring caravan or motorhome when not in use, better still if your driveway or the boundary of your property is secured with a locked gate or parking post. It need not be your driveway, the garden or even a neighbour's driveway will be acceptable by most insurance companies.
  • Off-site storage : Lots of options exist in this category, sites have varying degrees of security and whether your insurance cover will still be valid, will depend on the site.
  • Specialised caravan storage :  Look for a site that is a member of the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) system. The accreditation has 3 levels, Bronze Silver and Gold. Gold offering the highest level of security. Storing your caravan in on these accredited sites will reduce your touring caravan insurance costs.

Where is CETA Insurance's headquarters?

CETA Insurance Contact Details

  • Address:  Cromwell Business Park Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 5SR,United Kingdom

Touring Caravan Manufacturers Insurance

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