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How a Bar/Sports Bar Insurance protects your investment against financial loss

If you own a sports bar, then you must have opened it for customers who desire to enjoy good food and drinks while cheering their favorite sports teams as well as sports people. However, did you know that the sports bar could cause you huge financial losses? When the atmosphere in the sports bar is all charged up, sporting rivalries or banter can lead to fights that cause injuries and even fatalities. Without bar/sports bar cover protection, your investment would be no more.

Before setting up the sports bar, you have to consider the following elements first:

  • What percentage does alcohol account for the revenue?
  • How much food and other non-alcoholic drinks do you serve?
  • How many diverse events will the sports bar host?
  • How many employees shall work at the sports bar?
  • Where shall the sports bar be located?

The elements listed above are crucial since they determine the exact amount that you pay for your bar or sports bar cover. More importantly, based on the answers you provide to the questions listed above, it becomes much easier for you to identify the exact cover that the policy must have. The nature of the business has a direct bearing on insurance needs of your sports bar.

What covers must the Policy have?

  • Commercial property insurance : Do you know that the euphoria following a particular team’s win could lead to property damages? Without commercial property cover, you will spend a fortune fixing the damages. The commercial property element is an important cog in the bar/sports bar insurance. It ensures that the business gets back on its feet within the shortest time possible by taking care of repairing the damages. Commercial property protection is mandatory if you plan to serve alcohol.
  • General liability insurance : It’s common for patrons to suffer injuries while in a bar or sports bar. Your sports bar is not an exception. One of the people you employed to work in the bar might injure one of the patrons. Some of your promotional products might have a few issues. In all these instances, the lack of general liability insurance could cause massive losses. If you want to avoid being put out of business, add a general liability cover to your bar/sports bar policy. 
  • Employee theft insurance: Employee theft insurance is different from general liability. The former focuses on the actions of criminals who want to break into and steal from your sports bar. Some of your employees could be the masterminds of thefts that occur in the sports bar. Therefore, you need protection against such possibilities, which are capable of causing huge financial losses too. For this reason, take employee theft insurance to protect your investment. 
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