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Dog grooming insurance cost

Dog grooming insurance with public liability is cover to protect your pet grooming business or general pet business against claims against your practice. These claims may be genuine or disputed, either way if you or your employees are found to be negligent you can face a hefty fine. If you wish to dispute the claim, you will also need deep pockets to pay your legal fees. Step in public liability insurance for pet groomers in Northern Ireland and UK. This cover is available at different levels, please refer to the table below.   

Common Types of Claims to expect in a Pet Grooming Service

  • Client Injury – In this case, the client is the owner who is maybe accompanying the dog to keep it calm whilst it gets prepared for its monthly hair cut. If the client trips over some electrical cable and injures themselves, they may claim it was a result of your negligence.  In reality, it was a simple accident, but within business environment you could be held liable and responsible.
  • Dog Injury –  Clippers are sharp and in the wrong hands can cause skin damage. Snipping off part of the dog's is possible as unlike human clients you can not predict a dog or a cat's sudden movements. Whist an accident vet fee could be involved, and the human client may see this an opportunity to take you to the cleaners.

Is public liability insurance for dog grooming a legal requirement?

It is not a legal requirement to have public liability insurance for dog groomers, but it should be given very serious consideration. 

As with all insurance policies, limits and exclusions will apply, so do check these to understand these or to negotiate different limits in advance if taking out your home insurance policy.

Did you Know? Whilst Pet groomers public liability insurance isn't a legal requirement, this extra protection will provide cover from third party claims.  The type of claims made can be significant, making PL cover a no-brainer for many business owners and new start ups.

Care, custody and control of animals for Pet Groomers 

This type of cover is the backbone of any good per related business insurance policy. It is aimed directly at those that provide a pet service. In general, it can help cover costs associated with emergency care for the animal should the animal get injured, lost or even stolen whilst in your custody. The list below is not exhaustive, but gives an indication of the breadth of this cover.

  • Death – Death of an animal
  • Loss of animal –  Loss by theft or straying
  • Loss of income  - Loss of grooming fees
  • Loss of keys - Loss of clients keys
Public liability (PL)Levels of Cover Available

Do I need public liability insurance for dog groomers if I am self-employed?

This again is not a legal requirement, but it is a cover that is necessary to cover you against claims from your clients should an accident occur whilst your are providing your grooming service, self employed or even a mobile grooming service.  

Dog grooming insurance comparison

Insurance Quotes NI works in partnership with QuoteZone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers.  The panel can provide quotes for all styles of pet businesses that interface the public The panel specialise in providing quotes for pet services in NI and the UK and can easily tailor polices to your exact requirements. Getting multiple quotes is easy, complete one form to start your dog grooming insurance comparison journey.

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