Electric bike insurance Northern Ireland

Compare providers of NI bicycle & e-bike insurance, You could pay less than £47 for bicycles valued up to £1500*

Protect your electric bike with an e-bike insurance policy

E-bikes can easily set you back a thousand and above, particularly for some top brands, think Triumph, Cube and Merida. A sobering fact is that bikes are an easy target for theft, with 10's of thousands stolen each year in the UK. 

Whilst the change to legislation made it no longer a legal requirement to have electric bike insurance in NI, the cover provided will provide protection against theft or damage. As such, it is well worth considering taking out an electric bike insurance policy Northmen Ireland to protect your investment. If you have multiple bikes, it is also possible to insure these under one multi bike insurance policy. This can be a mix of push and electric bikes.

Does Northern Ireland ebike insurance cover theft?

Like car insurance NI theft is standard cover provided in electric bike insurance NI policies, but conditions will apply. These conditions will be stated in the policy, but a good example is leaving your bike in a public place unsecured. Put another way, over will for theft will be void if you do  not take basic preventative measure to prevent theft. 

How can I find cheap electric bike NI insurance?

The price of insurance is determined by a number of factors, some of which you can influence, for example your post code. City post codes are seen as higher risk and the premium will reflect this. However, you can take some steps that can lead to discounted or cheaper ebike insurance quote Northern Ireland. We have listed a few of these steps below.

  • Security :  Take measures to keep your bike secure from theft. When parking your bike, use a Sold Secure bicycle lock. Before purchasing the bike lock, check that it is NI insurer-approved. If you use your bike to commute to work in Belfast, Derry~Londonderry Craigavon, make use of any company provided bike racks that are off road.
  • Increase the Excess : All insurance polices will come with an excess, the amount that you would be liable for in the event of a claim. Brokers will normally reward an increased excess with a Lower insurance premium.
  • Registration :  Register your electric bike  with national cycle database at bikeregister.com. It is free to join, and  they offer security marking kits which could also help lower your annual or monthly premiums.

Compare electric bike insurance quotes

Taking time to compare the costs of bike insurance NI will  help insure you don't end up paying over the odds for it.  To help you, we have teamed up with QuoteZone to give you access to some of the best E-bike NI polices at prices that could be cheaper than you were expecting.

*51% of customers with a bicycle valued up to £1500 who obtained a quote for Bicycle  Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd between January and March 2022  were quoted less than £46.37. Using the same calculation for bicycles valued between £1500  and £3000 gave a figure of £111.2 and for bicycles valued over £3000 gave a figure of  £200.13. The quote price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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