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Guide to The Insurance Emporium Caravan Insurance Products

The insurance Emporium provides a select set of insurance products that are aimed at protecting the passions that make life richer. So it is no surprise that they specialise in providing pet insurance, horse insurance, wedding insurance and static caravan insurance and touring caravan insurance.   Alongside other products that could be classified as lifestyle insurance products. 

The insurance Emporium offers 3 levels of caravan and static caravan insurance. The entry level product is called the Classic. The Classic touring caravan policy covers European use, family use, loss and/or damage. In addition, they offer a ‘new for old’ option, but the caravan must met the qualifying criteria. The Voyage and Guest policies provide a higher level of cover and feature extra benefits, such as recovery and delivery, alternative

Company Sentiment "At The Insurance Emporium, we work hard to understand you - our customer. We know what's important to you, which allows us to offer products and services that respond directly to your needs, reflecting life's changes. In short, we protect the things you love."

This article will provide an overview of the Emporium caravan insurance product and highlight the key elements and options that are available. The good news is that thy do offer discounts for the following. 

  • Membership of the Caravan Club  
  • CaSSOA customers
  • Installation of approved electronic anti-snaking device
  • Approved Alarms and Security apparatus (wheel locks as an example)

Some reviews also mention that they also offer discounts come renewal time. If true, this is a very positive sign, as other insurance companies tend to provide discounts to attract new customer and not reward existing customers. Emporium are not a direct provider of insurance polices, they have a panel of specialist insurance providers that provide cover in this insurance niche. The idea is that they match you to the povider that bets fulfils your requirements at aprice that is acceptable. This is similar to how CETA caravan insurance operates with its public facing websites 

Touring Caravan Insurance by Insurance Emporium

Insurance Emporium offer different levels of insurance, the basic starting cover is labelled Voyage, but you can choose Quest cover which will provide higher levels of cover. They allow you to pick and choose and tweak it further with option benefits

  • Membership of the Caravan Club  
  • CaSSOA customers
  • Installation of approved electronic anti-snaking device
  • Approved Alarms and Security apparatus (wheel locks as an example)

Static Caravan Insurance by Emporium

In a similar vein, Insurance Emporium offer static caravan insurance starting with their Classic product, but they also offer 2 more levels Prime and Elite that offer higher cover and additional benefits. Again some of these can be tweaked to in their words "create the perfect policy for you".

What is Covered by Emporium Caravan Insurance

As mentioned you have flexibility in creating your caravan insurance policy with Insurance Emporium, below are some of the key elements that you can choose to add, and for some you can also choose the level of cover

  • Loss, Theft Or Accidental Damage :  Cover if stolen or accidentally damaged by, but not limited to, fire, flood, storm, or vandalism.
  • New For Old : Conditions for acceptance may apply.
  • Public Liability :  Cover for claims by the public for injury or property loss 
  • Family Member Cover : This provides additional cover up to 3 family members or relatives that are using the caravan for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only
  • Alternative Accommodation :  the cost for suitable equivalent alternative accommodation whilst your caravan is being restored or replaced. This is included as standard on Static policies; Prime and Elite, and for Touring; Voyage and Quest. 

What Should I Look For In a Caravan Insurance Provider?

Customer support

Check that the caravan insurance company provides adequate customer support, also check what others say about how quickly they process claims on forums dedicated to the caravaning community


The price of your caravan insurance will depend to a large extent on the value of your caravan and the level of cover that you have selected. However, make sure the provider will offer you a discount if take additional safety improvements or increase the voluntary excess.

Payment Flexibility

Check if the caravan insurance provider will let you pay monthly, whilst this can be more expensive it can help if you are working on a budget.

You can also find out more about The Insurance Emporium by visiting its Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. 

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