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Is fast food delivery insurance the same as Hire and Reward Insurance?

Fast food delivery insurance is a form of hire and reward insurance that provides insurance cover for delivering gourmet or fast food.  A demand exists for delivery drivers within NI, especially within the food delivery sector. For many it is a part time job to supplement their income, for others it can be a full time job.

What is fast food delivery insurance?

This is a specific type of Hire and Reward commercial vehicle insurance required by UK law, so couriers can transport food items to customers of restaurants. This commercial vehicle insurance is mandatory for anyone who transports the property of a third party for profit. It is required for operators of a motorised vehicle being 2, 3 or 4 wheels. Some couriers may also wish to include public liability insurance for couriers, to protect against claims of injury or property damage or loss from third parties. 

fast food delivery insurance

What types of food delivery insurance are there?

There are both full time and part-time fast food delivery policies available to match up with how each courier operates their business. 

  • Full-time insurance is a standard commercial vehicle Hire for Reward policy issued by many firms in the UK. The is designed to meet the needs of a full-time fast food delivery person working 40 or more hours a week. This policy covers the vehicle while it is on the road.
  • Part-time insurance is an add-on to a standard Social, Domestic and Pleasure vehicle policy. The Hire for Reward portion of the cover is only active from the time the courier picks up the order at the restaurant until it is safely delivered to the customer. To have this add-on extension the vehicle owner must have at a minimum Third Party only Insurance already in place. 

If you work part time then, consider pay as you go hire and reward insurance and pay only when you are providing that service.

What types of vehicle can be used for making fast food deliveries?

To be legal on the road making fast food deliveries, all motorized vehicles need to have Hire for Reward insurance. The types of vehicles that can be used include the following;

  • 2-wheel motorbikes of any size or style, including electric motorcycles. The smaller the displacement, the lower the insurance premium will be and better fuel mileage it will have for an increase profit margin.
  • 3 wheeled vehicles, including trikes and tuk-tuks. Again the smaller the engine displacement the lower the insurance premium will be.
  • 4 wheeled vehicles, including cars, vans and trucks. Once again the smaller the engine displacement along with the smaller the vehicle's body is, the lower the insurance premium will be.

Any type of vehicle can be utilized to make the delivery of fast food, but to increase the profit margin of the courier, the smaller and more fuel efficient the vehicle being used will increase the profit margin. By using a small displacement engine, the risk associated with operating the vehicle on the road by the insurance company will be reduced and is why the insurance premium will be cheaper. 

Do E-bicycles or person powered bicycles have to be insured to be used by fast food delivery couriers?

The UK government does not require vehicle insurance on an E-bicycle or person powered bicycle. What is advisable is to have Public Liability insurance. Many restaurants that hire couriers to deliver their food will provide this for their couriers, but not all of them. If a courier is not covered, they become liable if any claim is made against them by a third party in the performance of their job. 

The need to have fast food delivery insurance is set as a requirement by the UK government to take a third party’s food items to their destination and get paid for it. Without this type of insurance, the operator of the vehicle will be classified as uninsured and no claim on a Social, Domestic and Pleasure vehicle policy will be approved. 

Who provides Cheap Fast Food Delivery Insurance

Fast food delivery insurance is available from most of the big names that include Acorn, Aviva, AXA, Churchill, LV, Granite, Esure, Haven, Hastings and Direct Line

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