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Guide To Fleet Insurance Northern Ireland

By Eamonn Turley
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Feb 2024

In Northern Ireland there are many businesses that have several cars, vans and even motorbikes that they use for their daily work. From taxi fleets to goods trucks, right on through to the ever so popular courier motorcycle. The common thread with all these vehicles is insurance.

This type of insurance can be purchased in a number of ways. Some policies will include goods in transit cover. Others will allow various drivers that fall into certain age groups to use them. Any business can decide which type of affordable fleet vehicle insurance is needed, but always best is to compare the different deals that are on the market by doing a comparison.

Obtaining Vehicle Fleet Insurance in Northern Ireland should work out cheaper than taking out separate insurance polices, always best to compare both options.  Comparing the different policies from many insurance companies can indeed take time for an individual to do.

The wise and accepted way to do this is to use a knowledgeable insurance broker. They will have a collection of contacts, along with an insurance comparison service, that will be able to give you a good view of the market. They can help you sort through the most basic third party cover to full comprehensive in far less time than you ever thought possible.

What is Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance will enable you to cover 2 or more vehicles under one policy, the vehicles do not need to be the same, for example a mix of vans, lorries and cars can comprise a fleet. Compared to a standard motor insurance policy, a fleet Insurance policy in Northern Ireland should allow you to add additional vehicles, usually at an agreed discount. An any driver fleet policy is an attractive option, as this makes it easier to reduce driver restrictions, as well as allow you to add or remove different vehicles to your policy.

Self Drive Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance can also be used to provide insurance for a fleet of rental vehicles, this product is often referred to as simply self drive hire insurance. Self drive hire vehicle can be cars, motorbikes, vans or NI motorhomes rentals or a mix. 

In Northern Ireland, the following types of vehicles can all be covered under one policy

  • Special types of vehicles and mechanical plant
  • Agricultural and forestry vehicles
  • Large goods vehicles (LGVs)
  • Motorcycles
  • Private cars
  • Vans
  • Rental or Self drive fleets

Even though motor fleet insurance  polices are aimed at the business sector, family fleet insurance polices are also available, and the demand is growing.

Fleet insurance is available at the same 3 levels that are with available with car insurance NI.

  • Third Party Only : This is the minimum type of cover available and is by law required in Northern Ireland and rest of UK and Ireland. This will protect you against claims of injury, loss or damaged from third parties.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft :  This type of cover extends third party only cover to include fire and theft coverage of your own vehicle.
  • Comprehensive :  While this type of policy comes a noticeable higher excess, it can protect vehicles that are owned by your company, or those in its custody from accidental damage

The excess amounts across all three of these categories of course depends on what type of work your company does along with the level of risk involved.

Because sometime a fleet will consist of either five or five hundred vehicles, Motor Fleet Insurance in Northern Ireland will typically offer a broader selection of extensions than would a standard motor policy. The following may be available as part of your Fleet Insurance policy.

  • Replacement locks following the loss or theft of keys
  • Legal protection
  • New vehicle replacement
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