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Guide to Haven Car, Fleet & Taxi Insurance Services

Haven Insurance is a specialist home and vehicle insurance provider. It offers tailored car insurance products for drivers who fail to find their desired coverage in the general market. It was one of the first auto insurers in Gibraltar, claiming to be completely compliant with UK and EU regulations.

Haven taxi insurance services, like ACORN taxi insurance are some of the big names in this sector, but also consider the smaller player such as Milestone taxi insurance and Riviera taxi insurance services.

Taxi insurance is one of the products of Haven that covers both public and private hire taxi drivers. Let’s walk through the offerings of Haven Taxi insurance in detail.

What Is Included In A Haven Taxi Insurance Policy?

Taxi insurance is a specialised type of coverage that provides protection for vehicles used in the business of transporting passengers for hire. Regular car insurance won’t cover taxi drivers, so Haven Taxi Insurance offers tailored coverage specifically for taxi drivers in the UK.

It offers both annual and short-term covers for you or any driver registered on the policy schedule to drive your taxi. This means that if your taxi gets into an accident while an unregistered person is driving, you are not eligible for any sort of coverage.

In addition, you have to pay a certain amount of “excess” for every policy claim you make.

Available cover options include third-party fire & theft, comprehensive, or third-party only.

Cover Comprehensive Third-Party Fire & Theft Third-Party Only
Legal liability to others
Damage to your taxi in case of accident or vandalism × ×
Damage to your taxi in case of fire, explosion, or self-ignition1 ×
Damage to your taxi in case of theft ×
Windscreen repair/replacement ×
Foreign use ×

Windscreen and Window Cover

Haven Taxi Insurance offers windscreen and wind cover damages coverage as part of their comprehensive insurance plans. The cover includes repairing or replacing your taxi windscreen or windcover damages, excluding detachable hardtops, panoramic roofs, and sunroofs. 

With this coverage, if your taxi's windscreen gets damaged due to accidents or external factors, Haven Taxi Insurance will cover the repair or replacement costs. This can be a lifesaver for your business, ensuring that your taxi gets back on the road promptly, minimizing downtime and loss of revenue. In addition, the repair or replacement of your windscreen will not affect your no-claim discount. 

Also note that if your windscreen is chipped and only needs some repair, the “excess” will not be applicable to your claim. 

** Windscreen damage can land you in trouble -  if you don’t repair a damaged windscreen, you could be fined up to £2,500 and receive three penalty points on your driving licence.

Public Liability Expenses

Public liability coverage protects you if a passenger or a third party files a claim against you for injury, property damage, or other related liabilities. The Haven taxi insurance covers the legal liability of injury or damage to other parties. 

This also includes property damage to other parties involved in the accident, for up to  £20,000,000. Moreover, this insurance coverage also compensates for your damages to your taxi in the form of fire, theft, and accident. 

This also includes property damage to other parties involved in the accident, for up to  £20,000,000. Moreover, this insurance coverage also compensates for your damages to your taxi in the form of fire, theft, and accident. 

In the case of comprehensive coverage, you can get £100 for every injured passenger of your taxi as a medical expense. 

No Claim Discount

Haven Taxi Insurance offers a No-Claim Discount (NCD) to taxi owners who maintain a claim-free record. The NCD is a discount on your insurance premium that accumulates over time without making any claims. The more you avoid making a claim, the higher your discount becomes.

This feature not only motivates taxi drivers to practice safe driving habits but also helps reduce insurance costs over the long run.

Driving your Taxi Abroad

Haven Taxi Insurance has you covered in foreign countries as well. This insurance will cover your taxi during your travel abroad for up to 31 days. The company will offer the minimum level of coverage required by the country you visit, provided that you are using your taxi abroad for domestic, social, or pleasure purposes only

Haven Taxi Fleet Insurance

If you own a fleet of taxis, managing individual insurance policies for each vehicle can be quite a hassle. This is where Haven Taxi Fleet Insurance steps in to simplify your insurance needs. Fleet insurance is specifically designed for businesses that have multiple vehicles, providing comprehensive coverage under a single policy.

Likewise, Haven Taxi Insurance also offers commercial and credit hire insurance, which covers customers who hire out vehicles on credit terms. Credit hire refers to those customers who hire an additional vehicle when your own hire is being repaired. 

How To Reduce The Cost of Haven Taxi Insurance?

There are many ways to effectively manage and reduce Haven Taxi Insurance's cost without compromising coverage. By following safety practices, bundling up your policies, and No Claim discount, you can significantly reduce your premium costs.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your taxi insurance premium costs is by comparing quotes from multiple providers. Alternatively, you can use an online comparison site and find yourself the best deal available for taxi drivers.

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