Horse Insurance NI

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Compare Horse Insurance NI Including Veteran Horses

Horses are popular in Northern Ireland. No longer working the farm Unlike  but in the leisure industry , show jumping  and horse racing are still s big day out in the North of Ireland and South.  In comparison to s other more standard pets, Horse are an expensive animal to purchase and also to look after.  For transportation, a Horse trailer is the normal option, but if you own more than one you will need to purchase or horse horsebox.  With all this invested in your leisure pony, it may be sensible to consider taking out horse insurance NI to look after medical or the vet fees. 

Who Provides Horse Insurance?

Horse insurance tends to be  a specialist type of insurance that not all mainstream brokers will quote for. Within the industry a few names do stand out and these include NFU, Harry Hall, Pet Plan, Emporium and Animal Friends. Insurance Quotes NI have partnered with QuoteZone to offer dedicated  horse insurance NI quotes from a panel of these specialist insurance companies.

This panel can provides quotes for one or multiple horses, cover is available for young foals right up to older horses, often referred to as veteran horses.

Is Horse Rider Insurance also available?

The panel will normally be able to provides quotes for your individual requirements, and that would include rider cover. The term pick and mix to the horse health insurance, giving you flexibility in what to include and what to exclude. (health, medical and mortality).

How Can I reduce the cost of Horse Insurance NI?

The cost of horse insurance will depend on what cover is included and the level of cover that you select. Horse insurance NI like most insurance polices will come with an excess. The excess is the amount you have to pay out in the event of a claim before the insurance cover kicks in. If you can afford it and your broker agrees, raising this excess amount can lead to cheaper horse insurance NI.

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