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Do I need extra insurance to tow a horse trailer?

Your car insurance policy may provide limited insurance for towing a trailer, including a horsebox. The problem is that the cover is normally limited to third party only. So any damage to your horsebox is not covered or to your property is not covered. As such for many it will make sense o take out a separate compressive policy to for your horsebox trailer.

What is difference between horsebox and horse trailer insurance

A horsebox is the same as a horse lorry, a form of transport that is motorized with an engine. A horse trailer can be also be used to transport horses, but is non motorized. Insurance quotes are available for both motorised Horse boxes and Horse Trailers    

Will horsebox trailer insurance Cover the Livestock

Standard horsebox trailer insurance will only cover the trailer and possibly the contents such as tack and saddles, not the horse. To cover the horse whilst in transit, you will need a separate horse insurance policy that provides cover when the horse is in transit to visit the vet or a local show,

Do you have to have insurance for a horsebox trailer?

Having horsebox trailer insurance is not a legal requirement, but given the cost and potential financial loss, it does make sense to seriously consider taking out a good level of insurance

Can I pay for my horse trailer insurance policy in instalments?

Most if not all providers of Horsebox trailer insurance will let you split your premium into monthly payment. Do take note that this may result in a slight increase to final cost to cover any additional admin and processing costs

Will there be an excess if I need to make a claim on my horsebox trailer insurance?

With most insurance polices any excess will apply, for horsebox trailer insurance expect an excess in the range of £50 - £110. This is the amount that you will be held liable for in the event of any claim. So if you incurred costs that were covered by your policy of £250 you would received £250 less the agreed excess amount. In some cases, you could speak with the insurance provider on increasing the excess in return for a cheaper premium.

Horsebox insurance for young drivers

Horsebox trailer insurance is available for young drivers, but most insurance providers will charge an extra premium and or increase the excess anmount.

Horsebox and horse trailer insurance exclusions

Every policy will have exclusions, for example, car or minibus insurance will be invalid if you were to leave the car keys in the ignition. Insurance providers will refer you to the policy schedule. The schedule is an outline of the cover provided under a policy. It will show details of the policyholder and the kind of cover provided and any exclusions

  • Excess 
  • Ware and Tear.
  • Breakdown and repairs
  • Damage to trailer tyres, unless caused by an insured accident
  • Loss of or damage to accessories unless they are permanently attached to the horsebox trailer

Tips for Dealing with Horsebox and Trailer Theft

Horseboxes like caravans are an easy target for theft, but you can take steps to reduce the likelihood that you become the victim. Below we have listed a few tips of keeping your horsebox secure  

  • Use a good quality hitch lock and add wheel locks.  
  • Paint with colours that will make your trailer standout, making for easier and quicker to recover. Also, less likely to be a target of theft
  • Report theft immediately top the police
  • Add a tracking device
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