How long do penalty points last NI?

Penalty points NI can stay on your licence for a period of  4 years, but is some cases depending on the offences they can stay for 11 years. The 11-year rule is dished out mostly for  drink driving and some drug driving offences. During this time, you must declare these when requesting quotes for car insurance NI or any other driver's insurance policy. Failure to do so will invalidate your insurance, so you will be effectively driving without insurance, which will lead to further penalties and fines.

Penalty Point System NI

Currently, two types of driving offence exist in NI endorsable and non-endorsable. For the complete list of offences and associated penalty points, please refer to NI Direct guide on penalty points

Non-Endorsable Fixed Penalties NI

In 2005 The Traffic Management (NI) Order came into effect with the aim of making most parking and waiting offences non criminal.  As such, any offender in this category which includes 130 plus offence will not be penalised with penalty points. The only penalty for non-endorsable offences is a fine, currently sitting at £30.  

Endorsable Fixed Penalties NI

These are issued only by police officers in uniform. This category of offence will likely include both a fine and penalty points. The offences can range from defective tyres to blocking or driving on the motorway safety lane.  Still, the most common offence in the North of Ireland  is speeding or breaking speed limits. Other mores serious offences in include drink driving and driving whilst under the influence of narcotics. A drug driving offence is possible with some prescribed drugs, so do check that it is safe to drive whilst on a prescribed medication. 

Endorsable Fixed Penalties NI

A word of cautions for newly qualified drivers in Northern Ireland. If a newly qualified drivers manages to get 6 points on their driving licence within  2 years of first qualifying, your driving licence will be withdrawn. Once withdrawn, you must  then wait 2 years before reapplying and sitting the driving test again.

Speeding and Penalty Points NI

As speeding is the most common offence and can easily lead to a totting up ban on driving

CodeOffencePenalty points  
50 08 013Excess speed 3-6
50 08 291Excess speed for vehicle classification 3-6
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