How long does insurance take to show on MID?

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What or Who exactly is the MID

MID is the abbreviation for the Motor Insurance Database and is where all vehicles in the UK that have an insurance policy are registered to. This database is used by the police to make sure all vehicles are insured, as all speed cameras around the UK are fitted with an ANPR, again another abbreviation for Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

No Insurance Showing the police can seize and impound your vehicle

Police patrols all have a smart ANPR camera fitted in their vehicles for when they are patrolling the streets or motorway. They scan your number plate and cross-check it against the MID and if you are not listed on the MID you are not insured, and they have the right to stop you and impound your vehicle. This is why it is imperative to make sure your vehicle is insured from the moment you own it. Every insurer in the UK has a duty to update the policy you take out on your car to the MID and the MID is updated every forty eight hours. 

What if my car is impounded for not being on the MID?

If you are actually driving a car without insurance and not just some mix up with the registration details , then your vehicle will be impounded and you will need specialist impounded car insurance to recover your vehicle, plus pay fines.

How long does insurance take to show on MID

Does mid make updates on weekends

This is a tricky one as it depends on your insurer. Some insurers do work weekends and likely will update the database over the weekend, other insurers may only do the usual office business hours during a weekday. As mentioned, the MID itself refreshes every forty-eight hours so dependent on your insurer, your policy details could indeed show up over the weekend, but it may also not. You may find you take out an insurance policy on a Friday, but it doesn’t show on the MID database until the Monday or Tuesday. It is worth noting the MID do have a caveat of allowing for the update to potentially take up to seven days to update as well.

I've insured my car but not showing on mid

There are unfortunate scenarios where this sadly can happen. As mentioned above, it might be due to timing of when your insurer will log your new policy with the MID. Another common reason is misspelling of your registration plate. It is always best to triple check the details you input online or give over the phone to any insurer. As stated above the police and speed cameras will be scanning your registration plate so if you have made the simple mistake of misspelling your registration it is always best to have a copy of the insurance you took out on your phone or a printed copy in your glovebox compartment in the car. This way you can show the police in the incident of being pulled over that you truly had intended to insure the car and made a genuine human error.

  • Type error on entering your vehicle details, check if you have entered the number a zero instead of the  letter "o" for example 
  • Timing, the database has not yet been updated
  • Mistake. In some cases, if taking out insurance over the phone you may have given or the operator may have recorded some details incorrectly

Will one day car insurance show on MID

If you take out temporary car insurance, the insurance details will be passed automatically to the MID database. The problem is it can take up to 24 hours for your insurance to show on the MID database and in some  extreme cases 7 days 

So your hourly car insurance may only appear after it has actually expired, the same would be true for other temporary car insurance polices that are under a week. With this in mind, it is recommended to print off a copy of your Insurance Certificate or be able to quickly access via your mobile phone should the need arise. 

Does temporary car insurance show on mid

If the term of the temporary car insurance, expect it to show on mid within 48 hours. If not showing contact your insurance broker, at weekends this may be longer.

SORN vehicles will not show on mid

The only other scenario of when it is acceptable for your car registration to not show on the MID is when you have registered your car with a SORN, the abbreviation for Statutory Off Road Notification. This means you have declared the car off the road and are not driving it. It should be stationary near your home. Again, it would only be checked by patrolling police cars, but as long as you have a SORN against the vehicle the police will find this when scanning your registration. If you haven’t declared it as SORN and also have not insured the vehicle, the police have the right to clamp your tyres, so the car remains immobile and issue you a penalty notice and points against your licence.

It is the law to have insurance to be able to drive any vehicle in the UK regardless of if you are the permanent driver or temporary driver, and risking it and going without insurance as highlighted above will come with financial consequences and a vehicle that has been impunimpounded. 

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