How long does it take to learn to drive?

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The answer is dependent on your age. Online data shows that in the UK, people aged 44 and underachieve this goal within six to twelve months. People above 44 seem to pass quicker within six months. The DVLA recommends 45 hours of driving lessons, and depending on your own personal budget and your chosen instructor’s availability will also be a factor in dictating how long it will take you to learn to drive and achieve this hour’s target. Due to the backlog from the pandemic, currently the waiting time to even sit your first practical driving test can be from four to six months.

How long does it take to learn the driving theory test?

how long to pass driving test

Getting out onto the open roads and being in control of your own car and destination is the end goal, however first you must achieve the barrier that is the theory test. As if you do not pass this test, then you cannot take the practical test. A 2-part test involving 50 multiple choice questions and then a hazard perception where you watch 14 one-minute clips involving hazards and the faster you spot these, the higher you score. It is recommended a minimum of ten hours of revising for this theory test, but again you need to consider your personal way of learning. You may be able to absorb a textbook faster than food, or you may need to take your time and do just an hour maximum a day. 

The bottom line is that it is all dependent upon you and how you commit to learning the theory test, there are many options out there today for mock theory exam papers for you to take at home too, so you can test your knowledge in advance, but again this will all add slight time onto achieving your end goal of passing. Another method is to speak to your instructor, as some instructors can ask you questions to do with your theory, whilst you are taking your practical lesson. Some questions that appear in the exam, you could find out the answer in real time. This method sometimes helps a person remember a rule better.

How long does it take to learn to drive on the motorway?

It’s not compulsory for instructors to take you on the motorway, but if you ask to be shown, it can give you a great head start and build your confidence from the outset. It’s not done on the practical driving test either, but again if you know you will need to use it in your every day once you have passed then it will be worth your time.

Again, how many hours you dedicate to this is dependent on yourself and your needs and aptitude for learning. Everyone learns at different speeds, and you can use the time with your instructor to help you judge how many hours you need for this type of road to drive on. It is worth noting that only a licenced driving instructor can take you on this road, family members or friends even if they are licence holders cannot take you, it is illegal. The reason for this is your instructor will have controls to take over the car in the passenger seat, should anything go wrong. Your family or friends in their car or even your own will not have this safety precaution

How many weeks to learn to drive

Ultimately, it’s all dependent on you as to how many hours you put in each week, but taking 2 lessons per week, expect to be ready for your driving test after 24 weeks (6 months). If you go intensive and have minimal waiting times, completion inside 6 months is a real possibility.  For others, they prefer a more relaxed approach and can stretch it out to 16 weeks and beyond.  The number of weeks required for a learner driver in NI on average is 24 weeks. In the end, the time that you do spend will hopefully lead you on to a safe and successful driving future.

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