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What is Impounded Car Insurance?

If your car has been impounded by the PSNI , one of the requirements of release from the impound is proof of car insurance. For many, the reason the car was impounded was failure to be ale to produce valid insurance. Some may be driving intentionally without insurance, but for many they are not aware that their insurance has expired as they just expect it will be auto renewed, or they have forgotten the renewal date.  

In partnership with Goshorty Insurance Quotes NI can provide you with the necessary insurance required to release a car, motorbike or van that has been impounded. Along with valid impound insurance, you will also need : 

impounded car insurance ni

(Image: PSNI NI Road Policing and Safety)

  • Proof of identity such as a photo ID
  • Driving Licence 
  • Show proof of being the registered owner of the vehicle. This can be the full vehicle log book (V5C) alongside proof of address, example a utility bill or bank statement.
  • Valid MOT certificate, if vehicle over 4 years old

Why purchase Impounded car insurance from Goshorty 

Some reason why Goshorty are a leader in the provision of seized car insurance in NI and UK. 

  • 30 Day impounded car, van or bike insurance
  • Under 21 impound car insurance available.
  • Will accept Full UK, or  Full NI Licence
  • Instant cover available online
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Fees for releasing a seized car

A daily fee will be charged for each day a car remains inside a compound, in most cases the car will be held for a maximum of 14 days, after which it can be sold at auction or sent to the scrapyard to be crushed.  The daily fee currently stands at around £25 per day. In addition to the daily fee a release fee is also payable, expect to pay and additional fees of £150 on top of the dilly fee. 

Can I get my car out of impound with normal insurance?

This may be possible, but an annual insurance policy may have a restriction which may prevent the policy being used to recover your vehicle. In this, scenario, short term impound insurance may be the cheapest and only option to recover your impounded vehicle.  Check direct with your insurance provider to clarify if your existing policy can be used to release the seized vehicle.  

Number of Impounded Cars in NI reach exceed 1,400

This is the reported number in the first 11 months of 2022. Most of these are released, but a small number in the hundreds are never reclaimed and end up being scrapped or sold at auction if roadworthy. 

Impounded car insurance for under 21s available

Driving without the correct vehicle insurance is more common in young drivers, particularly those under 21. The good news is that Goshorty can arrange impound insurance for young drivers, it may be more expensive, but young drivers are a higher risk to the insurance provider.

Top reasons cars end impounded 

  • Motorists who thought their policy had auto-renewed.
  • Vehicles insured for incorrect use example using a vehicle for private hire under business car insurance, when taxi insurance is required
  • Lending your vehicle to someone without the additional diver being added to the insurance.

Impounded car insurance not registered keeper

The registered keeper must provide all the required documents and pay outstanding charges, and it may then be possible to nominate a driver on your behalf, but this is only permitted in exceptional circumstances, for example you are out of the country or in hospital.

In such circumstances, check with the police on the details of when and how you can collect your car. Remember, if you fail to collect with the 14 days period it may be legally disposed of.

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