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Compare NI Landlord  Insurance in Minutes

Landlord Insurance in Northern Ireland

Getting multiple landlord Insurance NI quotes will make it easier to compare what is currently being offered on the insurance marketplace. By completing one form you will receive multiple quotes for landlord insurance specific to Northern Irish landlords.

Landlord Insurance NI

Are you a landlord? If so, you should have a liability insurance to protect yourself from claims by tenants. The policy you purchase should protect you from expensive damages and legal costs in case a tenant makes a claim for property damage or personal injury resulting from incidents that occurred while in the rented property.

Safeguard Yourself with Landlord Insurance

When letting your property, the safety of your tenants should be a priority. Apart from this, you should protect your property. On our website, you can easily search for a landlord cover package that will be right for your tenancy. Knowing the extent of cover you require is crucial to choosing the right level of policy protection. We have partnered with the top insurance companies in NI to provide you with a wide range of online quotes that will enable easy comparison.

Find a Landlord Policy

Insurance Quotes NI using Compare NI make it easy to find a policy that will fit your requirements. To find a policy, simply enter your basic details and choose either landlord contents cover and/or buildings cover. From there, you will have to provide basic details of the property, how it’s used and the tenancy arrangement governing its use. Regardless of the option you choose, you have to indicate the sum insured, which is different from the market value of the home. You can use an online rebuild calculator to determine the value of your home.

When choosing landlord insurance, you can add accidental damage cover to boost your liability above the normal level that is automatically included. You can browse our website to find out more about any technical terms you may not understand. After providing all the information related to your property and its use, you will get a quote outlining all cover levels for the options you selected. You can get more details about every cover level or can go ahead and buy the cover.

The quotes you will get are from verified brokers that cover NI landlords. All the providers in our network have been vetted to be in good standing with the law. Moreover, all of them have many years of experience and are registered in accordance to UK laws.

On our website, you will find articles and information on what to consider when looking for landlord protection, pros and cons of letting a property and guide on tenancy deposit protection schemes.

Start looking for the best quote for landlord insurance NI today. Fill the form on our website with your details and search for quotes that match your budget.

Compare NI Landlord  Insurance in Minutes

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