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Compare Learner driver Insurance NI

Learner driver insurance lets you get behind the wheel of a friend or relative's car without affecting their no claim's bonus. This has made learner driver insurance NI a product in growing demand. With cover in place, you can get valuable behind the wheel practice and valuable road driving experience.   

What is learner driver insurance NI?

Learner driver insurance NI is covered aimed at learner drivers, unlike annual car insurance it can purchased for the period  of time that you are learning to drive. It covers the car that you are learning in, and any accident does not impact the owner's driving history   

Do I need a supervisor?

All learner drivers must be under supervision. The supervisor must be a qualified driver and held a valid EEC driving licence for a continuous period of  3 years.

What level of car insurance are available for NI learner drivers?

Most providers of temporary learner driver insurance will provide cover at three levels, the same as standard car insurance. Some will only provide fully compressive insurance.

  • Basic Third Party : Cover for damage to vehicle or property of a third party, the legal minimum required to legally drive in Northern Ireland.
  • Third party with fire and theft : Includes third party cover with the addition of fire or theft of  your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive : Highest cover available, affording cover to the third party plus your own vehicle or property.

Steps to reduce the cost for learner drivers in the North of Ireland

Below, we have listed steps that you may be able to take in order to get cheaper price  for learner driver temp insurance

  • Increase the excess:  Speak with the broker on how taking more responsibly in terms of the excess amount could reduce your insurance quote. Do take into account that you may be held liable for this amount should an accident deemed to be your fault dies happen. 
  • Compare learner insurance NI quotes: Shopping around and comparing quotes from a range of NI brokers can result in savings. 
  • Car Category : Whilst you may have no control if the car is borrowed, a car in a lower insurance bracket will also have lower learner driver insurance rates.
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