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Life Insurance NI ( Northern Ireland ) 

Having a life Insurance NI can offer peace of mind knowing that should you die or be diagnosed with a critical illness, your loved ones will be protected. Life Insurance policies in Northern Ireland are some of the most customisable in the industry, and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

In the deceased person’s absence, this type of cover can provide a financial lifeline, enabling those named, to pay off debts such as mortgage, or other financial commitments that could otherwise be an intense and overwhelming strain in the deceased love one’s absence.

Having a Life Insurance policy in Northern Ireland is not mandatory, and is not necessarily needed by everyone, particularly those individuals that are single, or without family ties. It could however, be essential for those who have a spouse or family members that rely on them. One having a plan in place in the event the worst happens is wise. This step could very well help families cope should a death occur.

Choosing the correct level of cover from the many that exist can without be done.

Level Term Insurance

While a typical Life Insurance NI policy can be taken out for a fixed period of time, it does not last for life. During this fixed time period, if anything were to happen to the insured, then the policy would pay out. This pay-out is usually a fixed sum of money. This type of Life Insurance policy in generally referred to as Level Term Insurance, and it is up to the policyholder to decide for how long and how much they wish the insurance to be for.

Decreasing Term Insurance NI

Typically, this type of cover is linked to decreasing debt, such as a mortgage. The premise here is that people’s commitments and debts decrease over time, so the insurance pay- out is linked to the overall debt.

Whole of Life Insurance NI

Should an individual in Northern Ireland wish to be have their life insured no matter when they could die, then opting for this type of NI Life Insurance policy, could very well be the answer. This type of policy, with such an unknown variable, can cost considerably more than Level or Decreasing Term Insurance.

Setting the policy term

It is best that you compare Life Insurance policies here in Northern Ireland, to ascertain which is the overall best for you. There really is no set formula by which to decide the best policy or term. This type of insurance can take into account individual circumstances, and comparing will allow you to be better informed and enable you to choose the right policy.

How much cover is recommended?

The amount of cover one should have really comes down to personal choice. While it for sure needs to, in the event of death, take care of those left behind, it also needs to be affordable whilst one is still alive. Find a balance between these two variables.

Compare Live Insurance NI in Minutes

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