Lorry Insurance 7.5 Ton and above 

Single Truck Insurance for 3.5 to 60+ Tonne models, Truck Insurance for carriage of own goods and/or hire & reward

Compare Lorry Insurance Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is largely a farming area, most farms have some form of livestock. All these need to be transported from or to the local livestock market and eventually to the Abattoirs. Apart from livestock haulage, the transport of goods is thriving within the North and South of Ireland. Since the removal of the hard north south border, the process is no longer delayed for hours at the  Newry customs house.  

Like car insurance Northern Ireland, drivers if NI lorry and haulage truck owners will need a minimum of third party cover to operate legally. Insurance quotes NI have partnered with Quote Zone, that can share your truck or NI lorry insurance requirements with a select panel of Northern Irish brokers. Once you complete the intuitive easy to complete online form, you will be able to gain access to a range of insurance options, to enable quick comparison.  

Can I drive a 7.5 ton lorry on a car licence?

If the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) falls between  3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes then a category 'C1' LGV driving licence is needed. For trucks that a have MAM of 7.5 ton or above, the drivers will need a category C Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) licence.

  • CAT C1 -  Also labelled as 7.5 TONNE OR CLASS 3)
  • CAT C1+E -  Also labelled as A 7.5 TONNE + TRAILER)
  • CAT C  - Also labelled as CLASS 2 OR RIGID)
  • CAT C+E - Also labelled as CLASS 1)

What are grandfather rights for 7.5 t?

If held your car licence prior to 01 Jan 1997 you have so-called "grandfather rights" to drive a vehicle up to 8.25 tonnes.  The reason being that It was then the case that anyone that had a standard car driving licence were permitted to also drive a light lorry or van or C1 entitlement without the need to undergo any additional instruction or tests.

What is Classed as HGV?

Any vehicle over 3.5t is classes as a heavy goods vehicle aka HGV. Within the HGV category,  there are 3 separate classes.: 

Are contents included with Lorry insurance NI?

The insurance is for the HGV vehicle only and not for the goods that are being hauled.  Cover for goods is labelled goods in transit insurance and can be included in your quotation by add GIT as a required extra.

Haulage Fleet Insurance

If you have more than one truck or HGV vehicle, insuring these vehicles under a fleet insurance NI policy may provide additional savings. A fleet HGV NI policy will have benefits in terms of reducing admin, and most fleet insurance providers will provide  discounts on adding additional vehicles to the policy. The  vehicles can be a mix of cars, vans and trucks.

Are contents included with Lorry insurance NI?

The panel can provide you with quotes for a single 7.5 tonne truck to a fleet of haulage trucks. Towing trucks, articulated and skip lorries are other examples of the range of vehicles that cover is available for.  Getting a range of quotes should help you in finding cheap lorry insurance that suits your NI business needs.

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