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Mazda Bongo Van Insurance

The Mazda Bongo is one of the most popular import vans that exists in the so-called grey import market in both the UK and NI. At one time it was difficult to find insurance for Japanese imported cars and vans, that has now changed, with many leading insurance providers offering insurance for the Mazda Bongo and other imported cars. Imported cars from both Japan and America need not be expensive if you do the ground work and get comparative quotes.    

Mazda Bongo Insurance

Does the Mazda Bongo look familiar? In Japan Mazda and Ford are the same company, so there is no difference between a Mazda Bongo Friendee and a Ford Freda, apart from the badge.

Manufactures in Japan fit many extras as standard, as competition for customers is fierce. This means that most grey imports will come laden with extras that if added in the UK would add thousands to the final price

Mazda Bongo Overview

The Mazda Bongo is an iconic van competing with the VW camper van. They have been in production with Mazda since 1966, variants include different van formats and also a minibus version. Today's version of the Bongo has a well laid out cabin and comes well equipped like all modern Mazda's. These vans are easy to maintain and easy to drive, make an ideal candidate for a camper van or a day van conversion  

Modified Mazda Bongo Van Insurance

These vans are great for converting into a day van or a campervan. If you are asking what is the difference between a day and a campervan the answer is that a campervan will have sleeping quarters, whilst a day van is more for hobby days out 

How much is it to insure a Mazda Bongo?

The Mazda Bongo is in one of the lower insurance groups, so insurance should not be relatively inexpensive. However, other factors will also play a role in the final cost of Mazda Bongo insurance. These include: 

  • Conversion Status : Has it been converted and the type of conversion
  • Security : How likely is that someone will steal your prized Bongo. Adding extra security that is approved by the insurance sector will help lower that risk and should be reflected in a cheaper quote for insurance  
  • Level of Cover :  If you have converted your Bongo to a campervan, do you need new for old cover?  
  • Miles : If you only use your Bongo occasionally, you could take advantage of a pay by mile's insurance policy, or pay as you go or even temporary campervan insurance.
  • Driver or Drivers :  Will the policy be named driver only? Will the driver have a good driving history with a low claims history?

Mazda Bongo Models

  • Auto Free Top
  • Van
  • Cityrunner
  • Elevator roof
  • Aero
  • Tintop

Imported Cars and Vans FAQ's

How Can I get Cheaper mazda Bongo Insurance

  • Add additional security to deter theft. For example, immobilizers and tracking devices. Please check with your broker to confirm the device meet with any of insurance industry guidelines / stipulations
  • Consider short term insurance if you are only going to use your Bongo van occasionally.
  • Join a campervan/motorhome club, example Bongo Fury. Membership is normally rewarded with insurance discounts. 
  • Ask for details of any limited mileage deals currently available in the marketplace,
  • When it comes to renewal time, always check what other insurance providers are offering. Remember, in the online world, loyalty does not always equate to best deal. If fact, some providers reserve their best deals for new customers.
  • Most insurance providers will look favourable upon conversions that are carried out by professional coach builders.

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