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What is Mobile Home Insurance NI

Mobile home insurance covers prefabricated static caravans, park home lodges similar to a regular home insurance policy.   

Finding the right cover for a mobile home in Northern Ireland can be difficult and with any insurance it will normally pay to shop around to find that suits your mobile insurance requirements. Mobile homes are a common site at self build sites, the future owner occupier is living in the mobile home whilst work is being competed on the new family house.  

Rather than temporary accommodation until your new house is being built, the mobile home may be a family caravan that is situated in your favourite getaway park resort in the North or South of Ireland. In both cases, you should consider taking out insurance cover on your mobile home and contents, similar to home and contents insurance NI

How much does mobile home insurance NI cost?

As with any insurance policy, several factors can have a major influence on the final cost. These have been listed below, and we have added some suggestions on how you can lower the costs of NI mobile home insurance. 

  • Location – Some locations can have a higher risk for damage or theft, but if your mobile home is situated in a guarded location, then you should benefit from lower premiums than mobile home son less secure sites. 
  • Value  – The more expensive to replace, the higher the costs, particularly if you opt for new for old.
  • Security : Taking steps to reduce the risk of theft by adding extra security, tracking devices, installing CCTV camera will all help to reduce the risk of theft or malicious damage and again should be rewarded with a discount on the standard premium. 

What does mobile home insurance cover?

Most providers will let you choose the level of over and which elements of cover to include or exclude. Most good mobile home  polices should include the following:

  • Loss or damage protection, providing cover against financial loss in the event of fire, flood, or theft to your mobile home.
  • Year-round cover : It is important that cover is still active if you leave the mobile home empty, some polices will place exclusions if a home is left empty.
  • Cover against malicious damage and vandalism.
  • Alternative accommodation and refund of pitch fees if damage to your home is so extensive that it becomes uninhabitable.

What countries is cover available for ?

  • UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands)
  • France
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Spain and Portugal
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