Moped Insurance Northern Ireland

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What is Moped Insurance NI

For many, a Moped is an easy and affordable to get mobile with the North of Ireland. Moped's in general are cheaper to insurance than motorbike insurance NI. This is down to the fact they are less powerful and do not go that fast. In addition, moped riders tend to be involved in less accidents and these accidents are minor in comparison to motorbike accidents.  The insurance will increase as you move up the range from smaller powered 50cc, 150 cc and larger 250cc mopeds. 

Do you need insurance on a 50cc?

Yes, insurance is required for a 50cc moped. 50 cc Mopeds are popular in NI, but like larger cc mopeds, you are legally required to have road insurance.   

How much is Moped insurance NI?

Like all insurance, the price of moped insurance NI is based on a number of determining factors, these are listed below. 

  • Engine size, make and model.
  • Driving experience : This boils down to your age and driving history and experience.
  • No claims bonus
  • Excess : The excess that you accept, accepting a higher excess, will reduce the final premium cost. 
  • Mileage : Some polices are available that favour occasional drivers or low mileage drivers. 
  • Level of cover and any extras that you may opt for,

Compare NI Moped insurance

If you are just starting out on your motoring journey, you most likely will be on a budget and looking to find a good deal on moped insurance. We have partnered with Quotezone that have enlisted a panel of NI and UK brokers that can provide you with a range of quotes for all individual circumstances, including drivers with convictions. It won’t come as a shock that we’re recommending it, but shopping around and using price comparison sites is one step on the journey to finding the best moped insurance NI for your circumstances.

*51% of consumers who received a quote for their Motorbike Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd in June 2023 were quoted less than £182.30. The price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

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