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Do you Need Temporary Car Insurance For A Driving Test?

The solution is temporary car insurance, this type of cover, has gained huge popularity for those of us that just need cover from a few days to a few weeks. The providers of temporary car cover have also recognised the need for temporary learner driver cover, particular on test day. 

driving test insurance

Most of the well-known insurance companies will not provide temporary car insurance for learner drivers, but a number of niche providers now occupy this niche market. These Insurance providers specialise in offering car insurance to young and older people that are still learning to drive or taking their driving test. Some better known names in this sector include, Temp Cover, Day Insure, Cuvva and Go Shorty. We have partnered with Go Shorty who can provide you with learner driver insurance, the most popular requests are listed below. 

  • Hourly Learner insurance
  • Daily Learner Insurance
  • Monthly Learner Insurance

Features of Car Insurance for Driving Test

When you use the services of a driving instructor, their driving school fleet insurance will cover you while you are learning to drive with them under their supervision. As you gain experience, you may wish to get in some extra experience behind the wheel to put all your learning experience to practice. If  you are at this stage, you may wish to use the family or a friend's car to get that extra much need experience. This is the role of leaner driver insurance, as this product can provide you with the necessary cover to drive the family or a friend's car.   

Can I take the driving test in my own car?

It is possible to take the test in your own car, but you have a list of factors that need to be considered and adhered to. Not only will you need car insurance for the driving test, but have a look below at some of these at other requirements, and this list is not exhaustive.

  • Roadworthy - Have valid MOT if over 3 years and learner driver test insurance ( check with your insurance company or buy one day driving test insurance, must be in general roadworthy and have warning lights whilst in motion
  • Vision - A few cars have been excluded because of poor all-round vision, most of these are convertibles, including the Ford KA convertible.
  • Tyres  : Have no tyre damage and the legal tread depth on each tyre - you cannot have a space-saver spare tyre fitted
  • Smoke Free  : Your own car must be smoke-free 
  • Speed : Car must be able to reach at least 62mph and have an mph speedometer

What are the rules for learner test drive insurance?

If you are practising in a car that you own or plan to take your driving test in the car that you own, you will need learner test driver insurance, a specific product that is available with our partner GoShorty. 

If you will be using some someone else’s car, you will need to either:

  • Make sure the owners' policy will cover you as a learner driver
  • Take out your own leaner driver insurance for the test day

Benefits of One Day Driving Test Insurance

  • Separate Policy to that of the car owner  : It is not connected to the owner's insurance policy, so no impact on the oners own claim's history should an incident occur.
  • Flexible : It can be one day for your driving test or just a few hours or a few days, completely your choice, the maximum term with Go Shorty is 28 days.
  • Comprehensive : The learner driver cover on offer with Go Shorty is fully comprehensive 

Instant Learner Driver Cover Available

The cover can take effect immediately if you choose the instant cover option, which means after payment is processed online, you will  be insured to drive in a matter of minutes. If you need the insurance to provide cover on the day of your driving test, this can be prebooked, so it will come into effect on the day of your driving test and end the same, so that you only pay for one day leaner insurance.

Does learner driver insurance cover you after you’ve passed your driving test?

Learner driver insurance will not cover you for driving once you are qualified, pass the driving test. The policy from Goshorty provides a grace period of 3 hours to drive back home from the test centre. Now that you are a qualified driver, you need to take out car insurance. Alternatively, you could take out temporary car insurance NI if you do not intend to drive on a regular basis.

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