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Compare Pet Insurance Northern Ireland.

You already know finding the right protection for your dog, cat or other pet can be quite a challenge. As you search for a cover, you may have questions such as:

  • How much cover does my canine friend need?
  • Which provider will be right for my pets?
  • What is multi-pet insurance
  • I have one cat and one dog do I need a pet insurance NI multi protection package?
cat,rabbit and  dog insurance

To ensure you have the right information and make a wise decision, Compare NI offer independent and impartial comparison of Kittens, Puppies and Bunnies insurance plans from the over 20 top providers in NI.

We have a simple online form that will only take a few minutes to complete, with guidance provided on each question. The first step in making savings online is to start comparing the available options available and the level of cover included and other factors as normal time from claim to payout.

With over  75,000 animal lovers in Northern Ireland, why not share that love and support pets in need

How to compare pet insurance  NI

Insurance Quotes NI offer a comparative insurance service for car and lifestyle products n addition to providing pet insurance NI.

You can find the right insurance cover for your animal friend on our website by following some simple steps. To begin, you need some basic details about your pet. These include the animal’s gender, breed, age and how much you donated or paid for them. Apart from this, you have to provide information on whether your animal friend have been chipped, spayed or neutered.

Pet insurance  NI for  dogs, cats and rabbits fallinto 4 main categories in Northern Ireland

  • Accident only should work out the cheapest. Often costing less than £5 a month, it is designed to help if your dog needs a vet's attention as a result of an accident - but it won't pay out for illnesses
  • Time limited dog cover. Whilst basic it does provide some much needed financial help with the Vet's bills if your dog or cat needs short term treatment. The nice thing about this type of protection is that costs are normally cover a full 12 month period. On the downside this cover will not pay put for the same illness within the 12 month period ie if it recurs.
  • Per condition dog insurance. This is a step up with the selling point is that it is time constrained, but in the other hand it comes with a cap on the total amount that can be claimed for any one medical condition, Expect caps to range from GBP4,000 to GBP 8,000 and occasionally higher, again pay attention to the small print. It does work out more expensive than the Time Limited policy type.
  • Lifetime cover for  dog, cat or Rabbit. Being the most expensive on offer, it is also the most comprehensive cover that is currently available. As it says on the tin it covers any vet treatments for the lifetime of the pet, but it does come with a cap which does vary so again please read the policy for full details. The costs can range from GBP 13 to over GB80 per month. Standard terms are used within the industry to describe this product so look out for "Covered for Life", " Lifelong" and "Long Term Cover" ( John Lewis)

Are all pets Equal? Not in the Pet Insurance NIWorld ?

  • Breeding : Mongrels and mixed breeds are cheaper to cover than pedigree breeds.
  • Size Matters :Big equates to more expensive premiums in the domestic animal world. 
  • Sex Matters : insurance for male dogs (even if they have been neutered or spayed) is a little more expensive than the female equivalaent
  • Cross Breeds : The premium for example a Cockapoo or a Labradoodle will be determined by the dominant breed and varies slight across breeds 
  • Toy Dogs: These breeds typified by the Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier and the ever present Shih Tzu can be insured on time limited plan from GBP5.79 per month
  • Working Breeds : This category includes the beagle, Jack Russell are hard animals and this is reflected in a reduced premium similar to that of a small doggy.
  • Larger : Breeds in this category include the german Shepard, Boxer, Dalmatian and Siberian Huskies and attract a hefty premium , so expect to pay GBP11 plus per month. 
  • Tendancy : Some breed have a tendency to develop conditions that are specific to the breed the bulldog being a good example.

What Does Pet Insurance NI Cover?

The NHS does not offer protection for animals. This means you will have to pay any bills from out of your pocket in case your companion gets ill, has an accident or is injured. These costs can be taken care of by taking out proper animal vet protection.

There are different types of pet insurance NI policies available in the market today. The policies also come with some extras. For example, some policies provide cover if your dog or cat goes missing. Depending with the provider you choose, the cover could be a one-off payment up to an agreed limit if your furry friend is not found. The payment can also cover the costs of offering a reward to people to encourage them to find your lost friend or the costs of advertising. Some covers include third party liability, should your pet cause an accident or injure someone else.

However, if your dog,cat or rabbit has a pre-existing condition, the condition is unlikely to be covered by your policy if you move providers. The same also applies to routine trips to the vet for things such as vaccinations and neutering.

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