Public Liability Insurance NI

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What is public liability insurance NI?

Public liability NI or Northern Ireland protects your business against third party claim. PL insurance protects you against compensation claims and associated legal costs that are directed at you or your business. If you or your business are subsequently found liable, the PL insurance will pay the compensation awarded to the third party. These awards are often substantial, and the level of cover offered normally ranges from £1 million to £10 million.

Is public liability insurance Northern Ireland a legal requirement

Having PL insurance is not a legal requirement, but as previously mentioned the level of damages that can awarded to the third party are far from insignificant, and it is for this very reason that public liability insurance should be given serious consideration to any new or existing business that deals with a third party.

Often, NI businesses that outsource work will make it a stipulation that applicants must have public liability cover in place before bidding for their contracts.

Public liability insurance NI cost

The average annual business insurance NI cost for public liability typically ranges from £120  to £150. The  actual cost will be determined by the level of cover required and the risk that you pose to the NI insurance broker. 

Public liabilityLevels of Cover Available
Public liability insurance£1,000,000
Public liability insurance£2,000,000
Public liability insurance£5,000,000
Public liability insurance£10,000,000
Main Types of LiabilityDescription
Public LiabilityProtection from claims made by a third party (employees, clients, customers, shareholders, investors, or members of the public)
Product Liability
Employers’ liabilityIf you have employees, you are required by law to have this cover – covers the cost of compensating employees who are injured at or become ill through work
Professional indemnity.

Will public liability insurance NI cover my business

Public liability NI is suitable for any business that deals with a third party directly or even indirectly. For example, you may run your business that does not interface with clients on the premises, but if you visit a client you become open to third party claims.

What factors affect the cost of my public liability insurance?

Many factors contribute to your final quote for public liability insurance, often referred to as business insurance NI. Some of the more obvious include how many years your business has been operating and the number of claims made during that time. The actual business type is also signifiant, some business have a greater risk profile. For example, a hairdresser will have a higher risk profile massage therapist or a counsellor.  Find out by spending a few minutes to complete one easy form.

What public liability insurance NI does not cover

Public liability insurance NI is intended to provide cover to third parties only. As such, that will exclude you and any of your employees. If you have employees, you are required by law to have employee insurance. Public liability is aimed squarely at covering third parties only. For cover for your business, you need to look at a specific business insurance policy. This list below of what is not covered is not exhaustive, but just to emphasise that PL insurance does not provide cover for accidents to you or your staff and employees.

  • Any accidents that happen to you
  • Accidents that happen to your employees
  • Damage to your property

What other cover can I include under public liability insurance NI? 

Product Liability Cover

This is cover against selling products that subsequently cause damage to the buyer. Two typical examples are the customer becoming ill or the product causing damage to the  customer's property. Please take note, you do not need to be the actual manufacture to be held accountable, simply selling it is sufficient ground for liability.

Professional Indemnity Cover

This type of cover is aimed at a  business or service that provide advice to clients. If the client takes your advice and subsequently suffers a loss or claims are made against the client as a result of following your advice, this type of cover provides protections.


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