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Temporary Taxi and Private Hire Insurance

Uber has transformed the customer experience to finding a ride home, we no longer need to flag down a taxi or call a taxi base, simply request a private diver via the Uber app. This has opened the opportunity for many to become part time drivers and earn some additional income.

Short term taxi insurance is a policy type aimed at those drivers that provide this service on a temporary basis to supplement income, for example over the Christmas period. This type of policy can also be referred to as pay as you go taxi insurance. The product is a great alternative to taking out an annual policy and should be more cost effective if you only operate a few week or even a few months during the year. Best to work this out in advance and compare both options.  

Is Pay as you Go cover available for Taxi Fleet's?

Some providers, such as Flint Insurance, now offer (PAYG) for taxi fleets, letting you switch from traditional taxi fleet insurance to a pay as you use model. This type of policy could be more cost effective as you only pay for insurance when a taxi is on the road. This type of cover is also popular with self drive fleet owners who were paying insurance on vehicles that were just sitting in the parking lot during the lockdown period.

Is Pay as you Go Fleet insurance available?

PAYG fleet insurance is now being provided by some insurance companies, in particular those that cater to the growing self hire fleet sector, that includes cars, vans and motorhomes. 

Is Pay as you Go Food Delivery insurance available?

The food delivery sector has seen a surge in demand that starting during COVID, but the demand has remained for pay as you go food delivery insurance has remained high. This service is an easy way to earn extra cash on a part-time or seasonal basis.

What does taxi insurance cover

Taxi insurance provides cover for providing a hire and reward insurance to private or public customers. Private taxis must be ordered and can not be hailed down, unlike for example black taxi's in Belfast.

Taxi Drivers full or part time will legally need vehicle insurance and should give very strong consideration to public liability insurance

Vehicle Insurance

The Vehicle insurance element is available at 3 levels, similar to standard car insurance 

  • Third party only – this is the legal minimum required, and cover is only provided to the other party. This does not provide any cover to your taxi or private hire vehicle.
  • Third party with fire and theft – Same as third party, but this time you will have cover if your taxi is stolen or is damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive Cover  – Add additional cover for your own vehicle and property in the event of an incident.

Public Liability Cover

This is cover against any injury claims from both passengers and members of the public that are made against you whilst you are providing a taxi or private hire  service. Most insurance companies will include this in the taxi policy, or it can be purchased as a separate policy. Unlike vehicle cover it is not a legal requirement, but if any claim were to be successful without public liability insurance NI you could easily be financially ruined, as such claims can be huge.

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