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Can I get temporary caravan insurance?

Until recently you would struggle to get temporary insurance of any kind and in articular temporary camper insurance. With the increase in staycations, more and more people are latching on to the idea of a campervan holiday. For many the expense of buying a campervan is a big hurdle and then what if after they fork out a new or second hand campervan , they find it does not live up to their holiday expectations.

One solution is to borrow a campervan from a family member or a friend. Before temporary campervan insurance, the owner would need to add you as an additional driver to their own campervan insurance policy. This comes with risks as their no claim's history could be put in jeopardy should you have an accident. The solution is taking out your very own temp campervan insurance that is totally separate from that of the campervan oners. This has led to the demand for all types of temp insurance even temporary car insurance has surge in demand in recent years temp cat insurance and policy 

Temporary Campervan Insurance for Under 25’s

Young drivers occupy their own risk category, with age to be a key factor in determining risk and thus the ultimate price that you will pay for campervan of young driver insurance. Given that Campervan insurance for the under 25's will be more expensive than those that are over 25, the good news is that short term insurance is available for this age group.

How much is Short Term Motorhome Cover?

Like other types of vehicle insurance, the cost of temp campervan insurance will vary based on a number of determining factors. The most important factors that influence the final quote include the following: 

  • The cost of the campervan :  the more expensive, the higher the premium ( in most cases)
  • Security : Have you gone to lengths to reduce the likelihood of theft by adding immobilisers and a tracking device? Doing so in consultation with an approved insurance provider should lead to a cheaper quote or campervan insurance 
  • Driver details: How long have you been a driver, your age and do you have a history of making claims  
  • Modifications : Modifications are common with campervans and these should be declared during the quote process and can increase the cost of temporary campervan or temp motorhome insurance significantly.

Are you planning on keeping your campervan off road and only taking out temporary campervan insurance when you need it. If is the case, you need to declare the vehicle as SORN with the DVLA

Typical Requirements to avail of cheap short term motorhome cover.

Requirements will vary from short term provider to another, but in general exclusion will exists and expect them to align with those listed below.

  • Age: age between 21 and 75 to diver campervans up to 3.5t.  Age 25 to 60 to drive between  3.5t and 7.5t
  • Licence  : Hold a UK/NI driving licence, an EU or International driving licence
  • Criminal Convictions : If you have criminal convictions, most brokers will not provide short term cover. Car cover for criminal convictions is available
  • Residence : UK or NI resident for a period of 12 months.
  • Registered : Campervan must be registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man

Who provides temp motorhome insurance?

The main provider of temporary motorhome insurance is Aviva.  Aviva motorhome insurance is available with day insure and other sites that specialise in short term insurance in the UK and NI. Comfort motorhome also offer temporary motorhome insurance, but you must ring them to discuss, so if not suitable if need insurance in a hurry.

What is the difference between temp motorhome and short term campervan insurance?

Some refer to campervans as motorhomes or an RV if you have imported one from the US.  Short term insurance ranging from 1 day to 28 days is available for both. Longer term monthly campervan insurance is also available, and popular terms are 3 and 6 months insurance periods.

All providers will provide daily motorhome insurance with 7 day motorhome cover being the most popular followed by weekend or 3 day short term motorhome cover. 

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