Temporary Car Insurance NI

Short Term Insurance, Comprehensive Cover for Cars & Vans

Why Would I Need Temporary Car Insurance When In Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland, as well as in the UK, you’re legally obligated to get at least third-party cover for using any car on the road. That includes cars that you’re only driving as a one off or even just parking on the road.

The minimum punishment for having a car uninsured is a fine, and if driving on the road, you will usually get points on your licence.

Visitors or residents in Northern Ireland may need a short term insurance NI policy for a car for many different reasons. The majority of use cases are for holidaymakers, errands like moving house and transporting large items, or any reason that you’d need to drive a different car than usual for a short time.

This can be the car of a friend that you want to borrow, with permission of course, or a car that you’re renting to gain access to greater capacity. It could also be something exciting that you’re renting to get a taste of some serious speed or luxury on a road trip in your dream car.

How Does a Temporary Insurance Policy Work In Northern Ireland?

These types of temporary car insurance NI policies are amazingly useful, as they will cover you for whatever you need. If you’ve got a car that you’re borrowing from a friend and you need to drive it for the week, you can get the car insured for that week.

The policy will begin as soon as you need it to, and can often be tailored to end the day that you don’t need to drive the car anymore.

If you’re using the car for a really short period of only an hour or so, you can even tailor the policy down to the hour, so you’re not insured for longer than you have to be.

Time Periods Of Temporary Car Insurance NI Available

As mentioned above, these temp policies will operate ranging from only an hour, up to anywhere from 4 weeks, to a few months, depending on the provider. The time periods can be made to suit your needs, all you need to do is find the right provider, as not all will be equally flexible. 

If your policy is to be 6 or more months, you may find it more difficult to find a temporary or short term insurance provider to quote, as the majority specialise in shorter policies than this, often up to 30 days. However, many general insurance providers will offer a separate policy type to cover 3, 6 or 9 month policies, but again that will depend on the providers.

How Is No Claims Bonus Affected If Using Temporary Cover?

As well as the other benefits of taking out a temporary car insurance NI policy, such as avoiding the faff and rigmarole that you can more often find when taking out an annual policy, you also avoid any risk of affecting your no claims discount.

This loophole works however bad your accident is - while using temporary insurance if you do have to make a claim, the no claims bonus on your main policy won’t be affected. 

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