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Why Temporary Car Insurance Northern Ireland is in Big Demand

In Northern Ireland, as well as in the UK, you’re legally obligated to get at least third-party cover for using any car on the road. That includes cars that you’re only driving as a one-off or even just parking on the road.

The minimum punishment for having a car uninsured is a fine, and if driving on the road, you will usually get points on your licence.

Visitors or residents in Northern Ireland may need a short term insurance NI policy for a car for many different reasons. The majority of use cases are for holidaymakers, errands like moving house and transporting large items, or any reason that you’d need to drive a different car than usual for a short time.

This can be the car of a friend that you want to borrow, with permission of course, or a car that you’re renting to gain access to greater capacity. It could also be something exciting that you’re renting to get a taste of some serious speed or luxury on a road trip in your dream car. Another common reason is test driving a car that is being sold  privately, if you are buying off a dealer they should be able to provide trade cover for your rets drive, but if you're buying privately you will need test drive insurance, or you could be in legal trouble.

Does Go Shorty cover Northern Ireland?

Yes, one of the reasons Goshorty is so popular in NI is that it is one of the few providers of temp car insurance that will accept a Full Northern Ireland Licence, Provisional or Learner Northern Ireland Licence. Goshorty  also accept UK and or EU/EEA European Full Licence.

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Can I get temporary car insurance in Northern Ireland?

Temporary car insurance Northern Ireland is not available with all providers of short term insurance, but Go Shorty are able to provide this service to NI residents and residents of NI that have a full EU/EEA licence  

Is Temporary car insurance for young drivers under 21 Available?

Temporary car insurance is available for young drivers under 21, but must be over 18. For holders of a provisional licence, temp learner diver insurance and 1 day driving test insurance is available for age 17 upwards

How long does it take to get short term car insurance?

Getting temporary car insurance Northern Ireland with Go Shorty is quick and easy to do online. You can apply and pay online and be covered to drive in 10-15 minutes.

How much is short-term car insurance in Northern Ireland?

The price of short-term car insurance will vary according to a few key factors that include the vehicle details and the driver’s driving history, but expect to pay from £38.50 for 7 days

Top 7 Reasons you may need temporary car insurance in the North of Ireland

  • 1. Just bought a new car and eager to drive it home, but need insurance
  • 2. Intend to borrow a car from a friend or a family member and not jeopardise their no claim's history. 
  • 3. Borrowing a friend's van to collect some large items
  • 4. Temporary under 21 or Student car insurance 
  • 5. Learner driver NI required, hourly, daily, weekly or meekly
  • 6. Insuring a classic or a  car that you only driver in the summer months.
  • 7. Wish to let another driver drive your car on a short term basis, example adding a driver to car insurance for a week or even longer.

How Does a Temporary Insurance Policy Work In Northern Ireland?

These types of temporary car insurance NI policies are amazingly useful, as they will cover you for whatever you need. If you’ve got a car that you’re borrowing from a friend, and you need to drive it for the week, you can get the car insured for that week.

The policy will begin as soon as you need it to, and can often be tailored to end the day that you don’t need to drive the car anymore.

If you’re using the car for a really short period of only an hour or so, you can even tailor the policy down to the hour, so you’re not insured for longer than you have to be.

Temporary Car Insurance Vs Annual

Temporary Car InsuranceAnnual Car Insurance
Cover Level:Comprehensive cover as standard.
3 different levels of cover to choose from
No ClaimsIn the event of a claim, the vehicle owner’s no claims discount will NOT be affected.
In the event of a claim, the vehicle owner’s no claims discount will be affected.
Application time:Cover can start in as little as 15 minutes.
Often long application processes and policy comparisons.

Qualifying Criteria for Temporary Car insurance

  • The car or van is registered in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man
  • Car has NOT been modified
  • Private car driver, age between 18 and 75
  • Licence type: Full UK/NI Isle of Man or EU/EEA for at least 6 months. If over 25 held for 3 months is acceptable.
  • Must not be used for carrying passengers or goods for hire & reward.
  • Maximum of 8 seats.
  • The number of accidents, claims or losses in the last 3 years must not exceed 2, regardless of fault
  • Number of penalty points in last 3 years must not exceed 6
  • The vehicle isn’t declared as SORN or Impounded. Cars that have been seized require impounded car insurance to be released.

Who provides Temporary Car insurance in Northern Ireland?

NameDurationAgeExcess AmountCompare NowVan,Car and Learner Driver
GoShorty1 hour to 28 days17-year-olds to 75£500Compare Now with GoShortyYes
Veygo1 hour to 60 days£750Compare Now with GoShortyYes
DayInsure1 hour to 30 days£350Compare Now with GoShortyYes
Tempcover1 hour to 28 days£500Compare Now with GoShortyYes
Cuvva1 Hour to 28 DaysVariableCompare Now with GoShortyYes

Time Periods Of Temporary Car Insurance NI Available

As mentioned above, these temp policies will operate ranging from only an hour, up to anywhere from 4 weeks, to a few months, depending on the provider. The time periods can be made to suit your needs, all you need to do is find the right provider, as not all will be equally flexible. 

If your policy is to be 6 or more months, you may find it more difficult to find a temporary or short term insurance provider to quote, as the majority specialise in shorter policies than this, often up to 30 days. However, many general insurance providers will offer a separate policy type to cover 3, 6 or 9 month policies, but again that will depend on the providers.

How Is No Claims Bonus Affected If Using Temporary Cover?

As well as the other benefits of taking out a temporary car insurance NI policy, such as avoiding the faff and rigmarole that you can more often find when taking out an annual policy, you also avoid any risk of affecting your no claims discount.

This loophole works however bad your accident is - while using temporary insurance if you do have to make a claim, the no claims bonus on your main policy won’t be affected. 

How Do I make a claim against a temporary car insurance NI policy

Any claim must be reported within 24 hours of the incident.  The contact information for the insurance provider will be found in the policy documents. Please note, all incidents must be reported even if you are not at fault. This is to protect you should the other party make a claim against you. 

What type of driver’s licenses do you accept?

The providers of short term insurance NI will only accept a full UK/NI licence or EU/EEA licence for Car and Van Insurance and the UK/NI provisional licence for Learner Driver Insurance.

Does your insurance cover towing?

The item being towed is covered only for any damage it may cause whilst it is attached to the vehicle. The cover does provide cover for the actual item, boat, trailer or caravan etc. If you have a boat, you should consider taking boat insurance to provide cover for damage when towing.

Is temporary insurance NI fully comp?

All polices for short term car insurance, van insurance and learner driver insurance are all fully comprehensive

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