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Short Term Business Van Insurance NI

We all at some time need the services that a van can provide, moving home. Bringing back a large item for B&Q etc. It is now possible to get short term van insurance in Northern Ireland. This will enable you to borrow a van and get yourself insured online quickly, the term is flexible from one hour to 28 days, 1 week van insurance NI being the most popular product. The big appeal of this product is that it will provide you with insurance to drive a van that you do not own, and any incident will not impact the claim's history of the actual van owner or any other policy that you may have in existence. GO Shorty provides a comparison service from providers of temporary car insurance NI and van insurance. The providers include Ageas, LV short term insurance , KGM Motor and First.

** What is carriage of own goods van insurance

This is a class of van business insurance that provides cover for a van used with your business. For example, a van that is used to carry items that you need for work. The class of business van insurance provided does not provide hire and reward van insurance, for example if you are providing a delivery service. 

Some example of business van insurance uses include:

  • A builder that carries work tools and building materials
  • Commute to various places of work and carry personal items.  
  • A florist that collects flower from the wholesaler to various events, example market stalls. Please note this does not let delivery flowers to customers for that you will need courier insurance
  • A carpet fitter that carries tools and carpets to be fitted.

Features of Temporary Business Van Insurance NI

  • Low excess – The excess is the amount that you would be liable for in any claim that was deemed to be your fault.
  • Young NI Van Drivers –Cover is available for drivers as young as 21 to age 75.
  • Comprehensive Cover – The cover is comprehensive, the highest cover available.
  • 1 Hour to 28 days  – Select the term online from 1 hour van insurance NI to 28 days, approx 1 month or any period in between.
  • Buy online with instant cover :  If you wish the cover to start option instantly after payment, then select the "immediate cover" option. If selected, the insurance documents will be emailed instantly after making the online payment. 
  • Social, Domestic and Pleasure + Commercial use ( business van insurance for carriage of own goods) NOT hire and reward use

Conditions of Temporary Business Van Insurance NI

  • Vans and Commercial Vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes)
  • Maximum value Vans: £25,000
  • Must not be modified. LPG conversions and Disabled Modified are acceptable
  • Not for carrying hazardous goods or use at a hazardous location

How Do I make a claim against a temporary business van insurance NI policy

Any claim must be reported within 24 hours of the incident.  The contact information for the insurance provider will be found in the policy documents. Please note, all incidents must be reported even if you are not at fault. This is to protect you should the other party make a claim against you. 

What type of driver’s licenses do you accept?

The providers of short term insurance NI will only accept a full UK licence or EU/EEA licence for Car and Van Insurance and the UK provisional licence for Learner Driver Insurance.

Will temporary van insurance NI affect my no claim's bonus?

This is the beauty of this type of cover, as it is a standalone separate policy it will not impact any existing insurance policy in your name or the owner's name

Is Short Term Van Insurance NIi fully comprehensive?

All polices for short term car insurance, van insurance and learner driver insurance are all fully comprehensive

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