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What is Test Drive Car Insurance?

If you are searching for a new car, you will need to make sure you have the correct cover in place. Most major car showrooms may have a policy in place that provides cover for test-driving, but if you are buying privately that will not be the case. Goshorty who we have partnered with for the provision of short term insurance can provide you with test car drive insurance from 1 hour to a few hours or even longer. This cover will provide you with test drive insurance, so you can take your car or van on a good long test drive to make sure you are happy with how it handles, 

Do dealers have test drive insurance? 

Most car dealers will have extended car insurance to provide cover during any test drives. Whilst most will have cover, always check, particularly if buying off a smaller car dealer. In addition, check if you would be held liable for any excess in the event of an accident whilst on the test drive.

Do I need test drive insurance for a private sale?

You will need insurance, even if you are test driving a car privately. It is possible the owner could add you to his/her policy, but that is a long process and would also impact the seller's no claim's history if you have an accident.

The best solution for temporary car insurance is taking out test drive insurance, as this will be quick in comparison to being added to the owner's policy and should also work out cheaper. 

Comprehensive Test Drive Insurance 

All short term and test drive insurance polices issue by Shorty are fully comprehensive. Cover can be purchased for your test drive in minutes online.

Why choose test drive car insurance?

  • Comprehensive test drive insurance with low excess
  • Protect your existing no claims history
  • Immediate cover from 1 hour to 28 days.

How much does test drive insurance cost?

The cost of test drive insurance similar to standard car insurance will depend on a number of factors. Some of the more important f actors include:

  • Age if driver, under 25 will normally pay a higher price for driver test insurance, as they are categorised as high risk.
  • The value of car that you will be test driving, test driving a Porsche will be more expensive that as standard family 4 door salon.
  • Your driving history, if you have a history of making claims, expect to pay more for your test car drive insurance. 

Temporary Insurance for all Requirements

How Do I make a claim against a temporary car insurance NI policy

Any claim must be reported within 24 hours of the incident.  The contact information for the insurance provider will be found in the policy documents. Please note all incidents must be reported even if you are not at fault. This is to protect you should the other party make a claim against you. 

What type of driver’s licenses do you accept?

The providers of short term insurance NI will only accept a full UK / NI licence or EU/EEA licence for Car and Van Insurance and the UK provisional licence for Learner Driver Insurance.

Does your insurance cover towing?

The item being towed is covered only for any damage it may cause whilst it is attached to the vehicle. The cover does provide cover for the actual item, boat, trailer or caravan etc. If you have a boat, you should consider taking boat insurance to provide cover for damage when towing.

Is temporary insurance NI fully comp?

All polices for short term car insurance, van insurance and learner driver insurance are all fully comprehensive

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