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The trailer tent has exploded in popularity, thanks to the advances made in the style and amenities that these are now able to now offer. They give you the freedom associated with a motorhome at an affordable entry point.   

Manufactures such as Pennine that have transformed with such models as the Pennine Pathfinder and Pennine Countryman. Whilst these are classed as folding or convertible caravans, it is becoming more difficult to spot the difference.  

Pennine Country man Folding Caravan

Why Choose a Trailer Tent

Apart from price, trailer tents are easy to tow and store. Whilst trailer tent insurance is not a legal requirement, it will much less expensive than tradtitional caravan insurance. Other advantages include 

  • Welcome in all campsites, including those that do not permit caravans
  • Easy to assemble New for old static caravan insurance available, if you're touting caravan or motorhome meets the qualifying criteria
  • Beds that are off the ground, A little more comfort.
  • The awnings are designed to give a generous living space.
  • Decent amount of storage in the trailer area,
  • These can be more easily stowed at home, unlike static caravans. Some are even designed so that they can be stored in the standing position svaing even more space.

Do I need separate trailer tent insurance?

Standard car insurance will normally provide third party cover when you are towing your trailer tent. When the trailer is uncoupled, any third party cover will cease. Your trailer tent is then susceptible to theft or damage, taking out trailer tent insurance will cover this risk, but it is not a legal requirement. Many regard trailer tent insurance as money well spent in the event they should need to make a claim.  Contents can also be included, as these are most likely not covered by your NI home insurance policy.

Trailer tent Security

Trailer tents are an easy target for theft. For this reason, most insurance providers will stipulate that you take a strict security measure to reduce the risk of theft. Expect to be asked to provide one of the following in terms of additional security measures.

  • Insurance Approved Wheel Clamp
  •  Insurance Approved Hitch lock.
  • Chassis secure wheel lock

What to look for in a trailer tent insurance policy

Most providers will tailor a policy to meet with your requirements, letting you pick and choose the cover required. Most provider will offer the following as standard or as optional.

  • Cover for accidental damage, fire an theft
  • New for old caravan insurance if the trailer meets the qualifying criteria, which is normally under 3 years old.
  • Discounts for additional security or agreed excess increase
  • Protection against weather damage to awnings
  • Cover for micro caravans
  • Emergency accommodation if storm damage
  • Storm damage : This is the most common claim made against trailer tent insurance policy, so make sure to have it included in your policy
  • Towing :  Look for a policy that also includes cover any damage whilst the vehicle is being towed. Cover does not include damage to tyres by punctures, cuts, bursts or braking.

Trailer Tent Insurance and Folding Camper Optional Extras

  • Key protection : Cover form replacing lost keys
  • Legal Cover:  Cover should any claims need to be contested in court.
  • Excess Protection : This covers the excess amount and can be bought from most insurance companies or bought as a separate policy to cover all other excess on all your polices

Trailer Tent Insurance and Folding Camper FAQs

Can I loan my Folding Camper to my family and friends?

Most insurance providers will extend cover for family or friend use, but not if you are renting out your folding caravan for a reward.

Is European Cover Included?

Having European cover is usually an optional extra, so you can decide to include this if your intention is to use your folding camper in Europe. Check for any restrictions on length of stay or number of trips permitted per 12-month period.

How much is the excess of a typical folding caravan insurance policy?

The excess can typically range from t £50 to t £150, do take this into account when comparing folding camper policies. Also, make sure the total amount is enough to replace your trailer tent with one of similar condition. Some providers will provide new for old cover, but this will always be more expensive.

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