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What is Uber Food delivery insurance

The demand for delivery drivers has surged during the pandemic and even in the new normal demand is expected to continually increase until flying drones make an entrance. Traditional insurance companies have been slow to offer a product aimed at this market. Not so with the new insure tech companies like ZEGO and Amazon Flex. These tech driven companies offer flexible insurance that is aimed at delivery drivers. These divers typically work to earn extra income a few hours each week or on a temporary basis.  We can help you compare the cost of Uber Food delivery insurance and other forms of hire and reward insurance.  

Is fast food delivery insurance the same as Hire and Reward Insurance?

In the UK the need for Uber food delivery insurance is required to work for this company as one of their couriers. These food delivery drivers are in high demand and their services are helping to meet the needs of the on-demand consumers who want their ready to eat meals as fast as possible.

It is the level of risk the driver poses to the insurance company that determines the cost of the insurance premium. The more the risk, the higher the cost.

What is Uber food delivery insurance?

In the UK to work as a courier for any company, a commercial insurance policy is required. The Uber drivers need to have a hire for reward policy to cover their vehicle when working. There is a category in this type of cover specifically made for food delivery couriers.

fast food delivery insurance

Since the delivery driver is interacting with the public it is also recommended having public liability insurance. This is protection if a lawsuit is filed by a third party making the claim they were damaged by the delivery driver or their actions.

Does the hire for reward insurance have to be on full time?

When driving for Uber, their courtiers work as both part-time and full time making deliveries. These deliveries are made with the courier’s personal vehicle. Since the same vehicle will be used for some pleasure, social and domestic uses, the policy needs to reflect this. By using an app from the insurance company the cover can be activated when in the process of making a delivery. When the delivery is completed, the app is used again to notify the end time of the delivery and thus returning the policy to a pleasure, social and domestic cover.

What should be noted is that not all insurance firms have this available as an add-on to a standard vehicle private use policy. For drivers that work 50 plus hours a week, a full time policy might be more cost-effective. This is due to the hirer than the normal rate applied for part-time coverage.

How much is UberEats Food Delivery Insurance?

When it comes to delivery insurance you have 2 options. The first option is the traditional route of taking out an annual hire and reward policy. This type of policy has additional risk than the standard Social Domestic and Pleasure (SD&P) car insurance and as a result more expensive.  The alternative that has gained huge popularity is the pay as you go delivery insurance model. This model will be based on usage so if you are part-time or only work some hours on an occasional basis it is the perfect solution.

The is usage cover and has been designed to work alongside your standard vehicle insurance. The idea is that your standard car insurance will cover you for SD&P and the usage model will only provide cover during delivery hours.  Before going this route you must check with your car insurance provider as some traditional providers will not allow you to add additional insurance and they will void your policy of they discover you are doing this.

Why is the commercial vehicle insurance more expensive?

Since a delivery driver is earning an income by operating a vehicle on the road, they will be out and about on the roads covering more miles and at all times rather than when just commuting. Because the operator is on the road more and working under a deadline, they are classified as high risk.

The Uber drivers work during many high risk situations that include;

  • Making deliveries at night
  • Making deliveries during rush hour.
  • Make multiple stops throughout their route.
  • Operating in an urban environment.
  • Work on a deadline so fast service is provided.

If you work part time then, consider pay as you go hire and reward insurance and pay only when you are providing that service.

Do I need goods in transit coverage?

Unless you are constantly delivering gourmet meals that cost hundreds of pounds there is no need to have good in transit cover due to the low cost of food replacement. Most restaurants also will cover the cost of their food if it needs to be replaced.

How do I save money on UberEats food delivery insurance?

Several factors play into saving money by reducing the risk to the insurance company. One of the biggest is just how the delivery is made. By turning off the vehicle and locking it when making the delivery to the house or flat will reduce the risk of the vehicle being stolen during the delivery process.

  • Always follow the rules of the road and avoid breaking them. Remember, citations given for a moving violation will result in a higher premium cost.
  • By installing a safety device like a dashcam and or a black box telemetric device, proof of your driver skills will be available. Many insurance companies off discounts for such devices.
  • The Uber food delivery insurance makes it possible to earn extra income during this pandemic and after to help fill the financial needs of your family. By keeping the cost of the premium low will help make working for Uber a profitable business venture.

Compare Uber Food Delivery Insurance

Finding  the best Uber food insurance policy that meets your individual requirements involves getting submitting your requirements and getting multiple Uber courier insurance quotes and then comparing. We can provide you with multiple quotes by completing only one simple form.

Uber food delivery insurance

Protect your delivery service today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

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