What does a cloud with 2 lines mean?

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Morning is a busy time, especially if you have a family to get prepared for the school run. Smartphones can help if you take time to check the weather forecast in your area before setting out on the school trip. If your phone is showing a cloud with two horizontal lines below the cloud, you may be unsure what the ap is trying to communicate. This symbol is in fact a warning of foggy conditions in your locality. 

When you get into the habit of checking, most days it will show a cloud with rain drops, particularly if you live in Northern Ireland. During the summer, you will on some days see a sun shining, but expect dark clouds and raindrops most other days. 

If you see the warning for fog, take note and drive with caution and if necessary turn on your fog lights.  Whilst unlikely if you live in the UK or NI, take heed if you see an inverted pyramid. This is a Tornado warning, and you may need to check with the emergency services, as driving would not be recommended in such extreme conditions.

The full list of weather symbols and meanings can be viewed on the Apple website. Driving is dangerous in extreme weather conditions, so drive carefully and make sure your NI car insurance is current.  Comprehensive cover will give you the most protection against financial loss. If you are lending your car to a friend, protect your no claims discount by ask them to take out temporary NI car insurance, which is now readily available.

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